divided but one, both sides are different yet both sides are similar and are made of the same elements.
these differents flow and meld into a dark chasm but its not really a chasm, it’s just shadows.
maybe their common denominator wouldn’t be about showing us different moods but that they combine in beauty, but then beauty is subjective, so maybe beauty isn’t part of this story but i think it is.

one image was taken at sunrise, the other at sunset. combined, it could be noon.
or maybe…

middleearth m.fauvet-TLC 20-11-15

that it somehow symbolises the increasing divisions we are going through in the fly fishing word.
these divisions aren’t the fruit of outsiders but of ourselves. the well known Divide and Conquer strategy doesn’t work well and if it does, only on short term and for only a select few, those who chose to divide.

most of us not only want, but have the deep-gutted need/desire/compulsion to pass on our passion, to keep it alive and well and if not forever, for as long as possible.
Strength through Unification is a better tactic. its not only more pleasant but it works and is more efficient. it means not loosing one’s self but including everyone else’s perspectives to reshape and form one single, strong unit, one that has a voice that can make change, positive change and that, among friends.
let’s not fall into that dark chasm, it is after all, just shadows.

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