just in case there’s a Maggot Hatch

red dickmaggot

first of all, stop snickering for a moment and try to think of all the freshwater species of fish that just loooooove to eat maggots: that’s a no-brainer.

what’s interesting about that is maggots aren’t a natural food source for fish. ok, there might be a few that might eventually fall into a waterway now and again by means of some decaying animal or spin-fisherman that managed to die on an overhanging branch and that doesn’t nearly happen enough very often but the loooooove-to-eat-them factor still remains.

i’m quite sure the summed-up enticements also involve smell and blind, mindless wriggling but we fly fishers don’t really have those options and will have to settle for colour, size and shape and whatshisface above has all of those and a red nose/butt (you chose, i can’t tell the difference) as an added tractor to top (tip?) it off.

simple and easy to tie for anglers of all levels, as always play around with different sizes and butt/nose colours to suit your local maggot hatch.

materials list and other goodies can found by clicking the pic to access the Gwent Angling Society‘s page.

enjoy ! and please resume snickering…

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