Fly Tying- La Nobody

Thierry Millot is a well known french fly fishing guide. his speciality is well, french nymphing… but you know, only dummies do the same thing over and over so today’s Nobody is a floating fly, a super-generic, ridiculously easy to tie,
la nobody thierry millot
little puff of fluff made to be small, size 18 and smaller, to be fished in slow waters, to not impress the tying geek peanut gallery and mostly to catch a lot of fish because that’s what guide flies are supposed to do.

its called the Nobody because it has no body and it originated in a haphazard sort of way when a client’s fly had caught a few fish and its extended body went to bits so Thierry just plucked it off and his client decided to give it a go before changing flies and as you’ll have guessed already, the guy started catching buttloads of trout with the stumped fly and the haphazard design got tweaked a bit and went on to become a go-to.

i love these kinds of stories and these kinds of flies. they remind us how little we really know about what fish want and keep our egos in check. they also show us we don’t need to go spend all our money in fly shops where that money can be better spent say, buying chocolate instead !

the video’s in french but that shouldn’t set anyone back because there isn’t a whole lot to learn from the explanations.
apart from the hook and tying thread there’s only two materials: dubbing, in this case dyed hare fur and the fibres from one and a half CDC feather (don’t use the fibres on the stem !) and that’s about it.
once finished trim the fibres with either scissors as in the vid or by plucking them with your fingers. i favour the latter because it leaves a rougher/asymmetric outline but that’s up to you.

enjoy ! doesn’t really translate well, at least not in this context so, bon appétit !

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