Aude valley
photographed this afternoon in a place i love to go to think about nothing in particular and even if that nothing always has some elements of fly fishing, today’s post doesn’t have much to with fishing but since i’m always interested in seeing where other people live i thought i’d start doing the same. this area is the french département named Aude. like all other départements in France its named after the major river that runs through it.

starting off in the Pyrenées mountains somewhere near the highest peak visible in the background, it does what rivers are supposed to do; give us peace, fill our ears with nice gurgly sounds and of course give birth and provide life to all sorts of lovely creatures but today’s little trip was about taking in the sky, something that’s a lot harder to do riverside, specially when that riverside is mostly at the bottom of often steep canyons.

dry excursions like this are a little like knowing you have several bars of good chocolate in the cupboard while not giving in to the natural reaction of reaching for them. happy in the knowledge that they’re impatiently waiting to be nibbled, they’ll remain untouched until the calling calls.

aude valley 2