– a form of self-hypnotism involving staring at water –

well, that’s a new term for me but believe me, it hasn’t fallen on deaf eyes. in fact, the whole ‘For the Love of Water’ section has taken on this new name. at 525 posts its more than obvious that i very much do love making water images but even if the old title fit the description well, i never really liked the title itself.

Lecanoscopy 1 'layers' m.fauvet-TLC 23-12-15

above is a little something i’ve been working on for a while that i hope you’ll enjoy: in-camera multiple exposures with the idea of creating strata, or layers within the original one-plane watery subject. i used to do a lot of multiple exposure images when i was using large format view cameras. it was easy and very predictable. it was always on a sturdy tripod and the huge viewfinder was well, big… and i could draw on it with a small grease pen to mark all the previous exposures, not overlap and get just-right compositions whereas my little camera is pocket size and hand held, making it a bit trickier to get desired results but sometimes it all works out and that sometimes makes it even more special. the problem with predictability is its predictable and predictable gets boring very quickly.


just in case you’re tired of all the obnoxious holiday tunes and want something a little different, here’s the mix that was playing on my MP4 whilst layering away. most don’t like ‘Ambient Trip Space Recreational Drug Use Relaxation’ sounds but a) you don’t have to press play ! b) it works just as well without recreational drugs and c) its really not bad at all as its all layered all over the place making it fit in quite nicely with my image, but mostly d) its through this tune that i discovered the lecanoscopy term in SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE, an old school, true original text format, 80s-90s cyberpunk ezine with contemporary contributors well worth checking out, specially if you’re in the mood for being both in the past and in the present at the same time. enjoy !