brown again

for trout anglers browns are a special colour even if brown trout colours aren’t generally dominated by brown tones. for sure, these beautiful creatures take on much darker tones in higher latitudes to match the peat-stained waters they live in but my very much subjective aesthetic preference goes towards the very same brown trout that live a bit more towards the south where light is a given, not something that happens only half the year, where nature and trees are more diversified, where fish get to reflect and display the myriad tones of colour of their surroundings both in and above the water because, well, they want to and i’m very certain that they’re a happier fish because of it.

for a while i lived in a part of the world where white was the colour of winter but having gained my senses, moved away from that frozen hell i’m back to where winter is more of a brown affair. there’s some greens here and there but where those greens become the dominant a little later on the year, the browns are the boss until.

barren trees, plowed fields, high-water floods and the incessant leaves from last year are but a few examples yet all combine, flow and unintentionally and symbolically get me to thinking about those beautiful brown trout that aren’t really brown…

leaf salad II m.fauvet-TLC 2-3-16_edit

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