L’Ariège et demi

because once just isn’t enough.
l'ariège et demi m.fauvet-TLC 21-3-16

Ariège (river)
The Ariège (Occitan: Arièja) is a 164 km long river in southern France, right tributary of the Garonne. Its source is in the Pyrenees, where it forms part of the border with Andorra. It flows north through the following départements and towns:

Ariège (named after the river): Ax-les-Thermes, Les Cabannes, Tarascon-sur-Ariège, Montgaillard, Foix, Varilhes, Pamiers, Saverdun.
Haute-Garonne: Cintegabelle, Auterive.
It flows into the Garonne in Portet-sur-Garonne, south of Toulouse. If the Latin origin of its name (Aurigera) is to be trusted, the Ariège is supposed to carry gold nuggets.

i’m more interested in another type of gold but i’ll keep looking…

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