6 thoughts on “i’d like to show you photos of all the fish i caught

  1. Very nice! Add these beautiful photo’s to “Reasons why I fish”. I’ve been seriously considering moving “up” in camera quality consideration. Mind sharing make and model that you used for these? Thanks. Ed

    • thanks a lot Ed !
      you’ll find lots more by scrolling down the page in the various photos sections.
      this camera was a Leica DLux (type 109)
      yeah, dumb name but fantabulous camera. highly recommended !
      my fishing (underwater fish portraits or any time I’m in the water) are done with a waterproof Olympus TG3. it’s not a bad camera and its small and always handy but image quality isn’t all that and it has a debilitating amount of features. it will soon be replaced with the upcoming Leica XU which is completely waterproof to something like 15 meters and its well, a Leica…
      thanks for stopping by and look forward to seeing some of your pics,

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