truth is so much stranger than fiction ?

in what’s usually an either/or type of thing when it comes to serious matters, fiction has the easy role in this little game as it’s generally agreed upon whereas truths go all over the place even though they should be based on facts and vary from person to person, from thought to thought and even from branch to branch.

thankfully, in regards to photography and other pictorially light subjects, we’re not bound to such definites, there’s no clear line or boundary or philosophies attached, they are what they are or aren’t, and nothing more.

2 thoughts on “truth is so much stranger than fiction ?

    • it is and even several. there’s of course the camera’s lens but also several glass lens elements from old cameras or plain pieces of glass or plastic that are hand-held in front of the camera’s lens. (i hope that makes sense !) if you will, they act as lens ‘filters’ but since they’re not an assembled group and are hand-held, the final result is always and by necessity, different.
      i use this method a lot. sometimes, as in the image above, its quite obvious but most of the time its barely perceptible but it always leaves a personal touch to the final result even if i’m the only one to know it…
      thanks for your comment, glad you stopped by.

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