10 foot Spiders

in the UK the ‘traditional’ way to fish Spiders/North Country Wets/soft hackles is upstream or across stream and that’s how i like to fish them best. it doesn’t have anything to do with the tradition aspect because i couldn’t care less about tradition but because this manner presents the fly(s) in a dead drift/natural way just as one would with a typical dry fly. from that perspective, the two, wets and dries are fished exactly the same, the only difference is the unweighted wets are either drifting  just under the water’s surface film on faster water or just a little bit deeper on slower flows.

Luke Bannister‘s great just-out video shows us the up and across on pretty slow water to sighted fish holding under the surface and not rising to eat. true to form, Luke’s videos are always in gorgeous settings with gorgeous trout, all to the soundtrack courtesy of some lovely little winged musicians: a real treat.
watch it to relax, get excited or to learn, whichever way, it’s all good. enjoy !

2 thoughts on “10 foot Spiders

  1. Thanks for the share. So serene, a treat to watch.

    Never really fished wet flies until I picked up a tenkara rod. Now I do almost exclusively be it tenkara or with a “regular” fly fishing outfit.
    Spiders are much like the reverse hackle flies identified with tenkara – almost identical construction, save the direction of the hackle.

    • hi Michael. yup, Luke’s vids are always just that; eye and ear candy. be sure to check out his other videos.

      and yes, tenkara rods are perfect for this kind of fishing. the detractors to T-rods haven’t figured this out but that’s their loss… 😉

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