Fly Tying- a DIY knotted Leg Tool

i haven’t tried this yet but this little home-made gizmo found on In The Riffle’s Fb page gets a doubleplusgood for creativity and ingenuity. how does it stack up to pre-existing leg-knotting options is anyone’s guess which i suppose will be more down to personal preference rather than all-out efficiency but variety they say, is the spice of life or, as Americans would have us believe the popular (yet completely unheard of in France) french term: Vive la Différence !

6 thoughts on “Fly Tying- a DIY knotted Leg Tool

    • yup, that’s a standard and a good one. personally i prefer fine-tipped tweezers for full feathers or bare fingers if the fibres aren’t on the stem. those methods are all in the link above.
      glad you stopped by Mom, how’s the carping challenge going ?

      • Struggling with it but next week I’m going to a carp seminar at our local club and hopefully get some pointers!! I’ll be sure to post my carp trophies!!

        • you’ll be hooked if you do ! i’m looking forward to a few trips to the reservoirs in norther Spain this summer that are filled with them. they take all sorts of bugs but are real suckers (yeah, intended) for small #12-14-16 damsel nymphs gently ‘drifted’ in front of their face. as mainly a trout fisher, its nice to regularly see backing… 😎

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