Of waterproof fly boxes

and of the interesting things said about them on fly fishing forums.

– ” Been thinking about ‘waterproof’ fly boxes. The only real advantage I reckon is that they should float.

Otherwise this waterproofing stuff is just a method on how to ensure that moisture cannot escape the fly box. How to get nice and rusty flies if you don’t open your boxes to dry after getting home… ” *

– ” I know from experience. They have two advantages they can make your hooks rust faster, and you can watch them drift off on the current, rather than see them sink out of site! If you paint them bright orange, so you can see them better, you can see them float away into the extreme distance. 

The worst of all worlds are ones that only float for a short while. They drift off to where you can’t reach them, then sink. There is an inverse square law with the probability of loosing a box being dependent on the cost of the box and the time effort and expense put into filling it.

Not that I’m cynical about it at all ;)  ” *

i’m eager to see if anyone comes up with any solutions to this dilemma that aren’t overly complicated…

fly box leash TLC 26-6-13

* (names withheld to protect the innocent)

8 thoughts on “Of waterproof fly boxes

  1. Looks like you and I try to avoid the floating away downstream by connecting them to ourselves with a cable (C&F coily spring thing for me). Can’t get around having to open for the flies to dry when back home; it’s not too great a hardship.

    • yup Andrew, any kind of leash will do. sure, not all boxes have a ring thing to attach one to but its so easy to make, all it takes is a little bit of thimking… 😉

  2. Hi Marc,

    A 1/32″ (1 mm) drill bit can be used to solve the rusting problem. Be creative with the design and call it “customized”. With all the foam in the box I’m not sure how to solve the floating away issue but as a wise fisherman once said, “Needs more lead”. I have been at a higher skill level than most when it comes to technical fumbling and will conduct some purely scientific studies to test my theories. Lately I always wade to shore before pulling anything out of the tackle bag.


    • Use a piece of Amnesia as supplied by one box I use – tie it to a vest loop / zipper. I have saved myself at least 10 times over from dropping a box dismissed into the drink. Cheers – Brian

    • hey Phil ! i see your point but it kinda defeats the purpose of having a waterproof box… 😆
      however, (and thanks for the metric conversion btw !) drilling a very small hole to make a leash attachment point has been a standard for me with all fly boxes that don’t have a factory made attachment point such as many of the C&F boxes.
      my point in this article and the image above clearly (yet subtly 😀 ) shows, which has was duly noted by Andrew and Brian was, if there’s a leash the box can’t be lost either in the water or over a cliff etc.
      no more angst, tears and the horrid D’Oh !!! feeling of watching all those precious flies fly away, and yes, i learned this the hard way when my ‘main’ box at the time went down a rapid never to be seen again. since i was changing flies at the time the box was open. it wouldn’t have made any difference whether the box itself was waterproof or not…
      wading to shore to change flies is a nice option but quite frankly impossible in the places i fish most, at least around home. its mostly canyon-like, without shores and the wading itself is slimy bowling-ball rocks with often fast currents. once you’re there, you’re there until its time to change spots.

      looking forward to to reading your scientific studies on the matter ! 😆
      take care,

  3. hi Brian, BINGO ! yup, anything’ll do: shoelace, mono, overpriced C&F coily thing, etc, etc.
    as long as at least the ‘main’ box is attached one way or the other it can and will invariably save the day or trip. the above mentioned box that went for a swim was large, had a full supply and was the only flies i had for a weeklong trip. lesson learned…
    thanks for stopping by,

    • I watched a guy with a full on fancy get up position himself right where I intended to go.. in a few minutes or so, as in he stole the spot I was eyeing.

      Best yet, as I watched the spot, he dropped his fly box. Unfortunately, fuddling for it he somehow dislodged his spool from his reel. I watched in awe as his entire spool went off downstream,,,, and his face was in shock – then he started to try to retrieve line elbow over bent hand to gain backing.

      He tried to regain 100yds of backing to no avail…. he lost his spool and his box… in a blink of an eye.

      • haha ! one could easily bring up notions of ‘karma’ or somethingorother but that might not be so good for our own karma… 😆
        needless to say, that’s hilarious even if i feel a bit bad for the guy. thanks for sharing this, it made my morning !

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