with all the ugly going on around the world it’s a little too easy, at least for myself, to get caught up and let it drag me along but, without outright dismissing the ugly, little reminders such as this lovely Dog Rose found on the bank of the Clyde in Scotland last week helps restore that precarious balance, at least temporarily.


3 thoughts on “balance

  1. When I am off I go to the river to reset my mind. I come back renewed. There is something special about small limestone creeks flowing through the woods and meadows of Wisconsin. Yesterday I watched the morning Trico blitz on the Rush River. It was awesome.

  2. hey Peter,
    couldn’t agree more, i suspect the reasons it makes us feel so good are numerous: sights, sounds, smells, being in areas where there’s little or no human intevention and the continued reminder of how nature operates and how we are just a part of it, etc, etc, etc.
    i can’t help but feel as well that on a subconcious level, we get the ‘being at home’ feeling dating back to when we where nature dwellers. its in us. some accept it, some don’t.
    that Trico hatch must have been a really special moment !
    thanks for your comment,

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