silent fireworks

firewater 1 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16

a lot of people missed the magic last night and i won’t pretend for a second that i know how they feel nor even less that these images might be of any solace.
the rest of us, safe and sound, can maybe focus on them for a minute of silence, reminders that no matter what may be in the forefront, magic and its inherent beauty will always be there.

firewater 2 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16 firewater 3 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16 firewater 4 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16firewater 6 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16firewater 5 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16

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