Fly Tying- Hans and his Klink

hard to think of a trout fly fisher anywhere around the Globe that hasn’t heard of or used Hans van Klinken’s notorious Klinkhammer emerger, one of the rare true innovations the fly tying world has seen in what seems like millenia.
lots of tiers from that very same Globe have made tutorials for this particular pattern and they’re pretty much all pretty good if not actually great but one thing’s missing: they’re not Hans.

generally speaking i guess, the way i see it is no matter how close one tries to stay close to the original, there’s always a slight personalization when translating someone else’s work and as such they become variants. there’s obviously nothing wrong with those variants, however from a learning perspective, and again this is just my own point of view, it’s of greater interest to learn from the original and vary from there instead of learning from variants and varying even more.

with a good portion of the important aspects of this fantastic pattern’s how-to details highlighted/blown up in split-screen, we’ll get it straight from the horse’s mouth whilst simultaneously having the opportunity to admire Hans’ glorious man-belly. enjoy !


4 thoughts on “Fly Tying- Hans and his Klink

  1. Thanks for sharing Marc. Agreed that the original is always the best, tho’ I also like Oliver Edward’s version of the Klink…btw, Big Hans is here now, had a session last Saturday and will have another coming Sunday……rgds.

    • glad you liked Tony, always happy when you stop by.
      i know Hans is there, i was supposed to be in Taiwan for the meet as well but i couldn’t make it this time… ☹️️
      hope you’re super-well and hope to see you again soon !

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