so, you’ve accidentally caught a bird and not the fish. now what ?

that’s maybe not so far-fetched as it might seem at first as it’s hard to think of a place where we fish that isn’t also inhabited by birds and these birds will more often than not want to eat the very same things the fish do.
so far, i’ve managed to not hook any but a bat caught my fly on my back cast once and since i was fishing/casting upstream, by the time i first realized what happened and then brought it back to me it had drowned. sad moment.

in the video we’ll see an unfortunate fish-chasing gull who gets out of this predicament seemingly just fine, yay !
i can’t help but remember all the countless times i’ve had to yank out a fly during a drift when it was approached by ducks. this brings grrrrrs but a few grrrrs are a million times better than accidentally catching a creature that will probably fly off…

as noted, if this happens to you stay calm, be gentle yet firm and try to wrap the bird in a towel, t-shirt or something just as you’d wrap up a wounded cat or other animal. if you can, cover their eyes. being wrapped and temporarily blinded usually immobilizes them, giving you a better opportunity to get rid of that hook. speaking of hooks, it’s obvious once again that a barbless hook will a lot easier to remove if it already hasn’t come off as you retrieved the animal.

this isn’t an enjoy ! post but something to keep in the back of the mind. enjoy anyway.



2 thoughts on “so, you’ve accidentally caught a bird and not the fish. now what ?

  1. Hooked a flying duck on a backcast once, also hooked and landed a herring gull while trolling, quick snip with pliers got the hook out of the beak – had my brother handy to help and then the gull was off on its way. It was amazingly soft and silky and did not try to peck us!

    • yay ! glad it got away fine !
      interesting bit about it not wanting to peck you. i’ve been in similar situations: wounded animals on the side of the road that had been hit by cars and they almost always understand, stay calm despite the surprise and pain and let themselves be tended to. sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t but at least we did our best.
      thanks for stopping by,

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