some kind of tippet knot

it doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t have an author; its origins are unknown. it is however a mono-to-mono* knot for joining tippet to leader and/or in a leader makeup and it’s shown to us by Peter Morse.

i’ve been playing around with this knot at home since this video came out. its easy to tie and whether pulled under constant pressure or by hard yanks, it seems as strong as any other. it’s not the prettiest of knots but some don’t care about things like that. enjoy !

monofilament |ˈmɒnə(ʊ)fɪləm(ə)nt| (also monofil)
a single strand of man-made fibre.
• [mass noun] a type of fishing line using a monofilament.

notice how that doesn’t say anything about what that fibre might be made of: fluorocarbon, nylon or copolymer.

EDIT: Warren in the comment section informs us its called the J knot. the rest is still a mystery… 😆

4 thoughts on “some kind of tippet knot

  1. Why would you use this knot rather than the customary double surgeon knot? It seems a bit more complicated to tie.

    • i don’t know, Peter… variety probably or simply another option or because not everyone uses a Surgeon’s knot or, since this knot is quite similar to a triple-Surgeon’s, it seems to be as strong but what i like about it better is that it doesn’t cause as much linear twisting of the mono itself with the knot’s structure.

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