Snack ‘n Smack

when i was a bike messenger in D.C. that was our nickname for the F.D.A./Food and Drug Administration.
sometimes raising a few eyebrows and enquiries to the validity or exactitude of the drop off location when SnS had been absent-mindedly filled into the delivery signature manifest. said nick wasn’t exactly funny or super-clever but you know, work is work and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, if at all.
some got it and some didn’t, just as one might expect from federal employees working/spending a third of their lives in a cubicle but enough of that, let’s get back to today’s goodies.

one’s liquid, the other ethereal. both are from people i’ve been following for years, watching their explorations and developement, each time opening a door that clears the air and blows away the cobwebs. bon appétit !

Snack is a visual treat from Susi Sie. she explores and finds the extraordinary in the ordinary and puts it on film without artifice or special effects. it’s delicious.

MaGziRe‘s Smack goes through the ears, bounces around all over the place and comes out who knows where. maybe it doesn’t come out at all…

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