i wonder what it is.

countless hours and days spent in the woods streamside all over the globe and i’ve never seen a tree like this. how little i know; i need to get out more often…

4 thoughts on “i wonder what it is.

  1. Whatever its full description is I’d say a C-cup in ocelot print. Its the shedding process that is most interesting – nymph to adult.

    • ha! which one did you have in mind ? 😀

      1 a ship’s mast: spar, boom, yard, gaff, foremast, mainmast, topmast, mizzenmast, mizzen, royal mast; archaic stick.
      2 the mast on top of the building: flagpole, flagstaff, pole, post, rod, support, upright; aerial, transmitter, pylon.

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