All Dubbed Out and ready to Go

as promised earlier, Fly Tying: A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial is back and running as before.
all images are i believe, where they should be… and Dennis Shaw’s fantastico-ultimate dubbing reference is back, available for all to see, use and learn from.

whew… to be honest, it was a royal pain in the butt because, ehh, it’s not worth going into technical details but i’m glad it’s over and i can move on to simpler and less butt-paining things such as heading back to Special Stream to drink in its beauty. enjoy !

4 thoughts on “All Dubbed Out and ready to Go

  1. Good Man Marc!  Certainly  worth saving!  Thanks for your considerable efforts!  John

  2. Mark,

    I thoroughly enjoy your site & all info in it re fly fishing & tying but I don’t seem to have received any emails since the Dubbing Tutorial in January 2018. Have I missed out or haven’t you sent any lately?

    Kind Regards,

    John Lewis


    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the kind words! You haven’t received notifications for new posts because I haven’t posted anything in several months.
      I’m on ‘blogging vacation’ and loving’ it ! 😀

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