Craig’s Bottle Rockets

here’s a super-cool, fun and very effective fly casting exercise from Craig Buckbee Have you ever thrown apples off the end of stick? well, neither have i, at least not until i started taking this fly casting thing seriously something like ten years ago. my childhood toys involved rocks, wrist-rocket slingshots, BB guns, bows & arrows […]

Fly Casting- A little more on the Double Haul

as a follow up to yesterday’s post Explaining the Double Haul, friend and instructor colleague Craig Buckbee a.k.a. EasternCaster offered a brilliantly simple addition, something every person of any level of fly casting can really benefit from by keeping in the forefront of the mind when practicing the double haul: “The rod hand initiates the cast, the line […]


about a year ago it started like this, which turned into this, and ended up as this awesome T ! want your own Fishead ? get in touch with my friend and fly casting colleague ‘Easterncaster‘ Craig Buckbee at while you’re at it, you might want to reserve a casting lesson with him in Central […]

the SS Knot

SS Knot. hmmm, not sure what it means but it’s quite an ingenious solution to what can be a downright pain in the arse: casting winged dry flies. EDIT– it turns out ‘SS’ stands for Surgeon’s Swivel – from Art Lee’s “Fishing Dry Flies for Trout on Rivers and Streams” thanks to Craig Buckbee for the […]