Fly Tying- Davy Wotton’s CatchAll

created by and tied by Davie Wotton via The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal “This fly is one of my past patterns for stillwater and river fishing as used for a traditional wet fly team. It is fished as the top dropper when water conditions are warmer and fish will take off the surface or close […]

Davy Wotton’s Davy Knot

coming from Tim Flagler i’m not in the least surprised to see the best Davy Knot video tutorial there is and if that weren’t enough, we also get a ‘Double-Davy’ version for thicker diameter tippets and bigger flies and just to one-up everyone else, Tim demonstrates how to tie either knot with a spring hackle […]

Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks- Weight shift/Attitude adjustment

Davy Wotton needs no introduction. for me, he’s one of those few people that when he speaks and shares his wisdom, i’m all ears because those words are the fruit of many, many years of experience and always lead to not only learning something new but also a new mental approach to that particular subject […]

T-Bird’s Nail-Nymph !

by Steve Dally at The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal as a follow up to yesterday’s Davy Knot post, seeing that Teresa ‘T-Bird’ Van Winkle and Davy Wotton are an item, here’s an interesting video on a very successful nymph pattern. it’s not like replacing standard feather fibres with much-more moving marabou is something new but […]

Cinnamon and Brown Emerger Caddis

with Davie McPhail an absolutely stunning version of Davy Wotton’s super-nice caddis emerger or egg-layer pattern. once again, through careful wording and attention to detail, McPhail demonstrates and wonderfully explains the tying process, showing us that high level fly tying is available to anyone. it just takes a little persistence and practice. thanks Davie.