a Griffith’s Gnat variant

here’s a seriously interesting emerger offshoot of the infamous G-Gnat. created by Blue Ribbon Flies and demonstrated by Tim Flagler at MidCurrent, this little bug should do the do and do it well anywhere there’s teeny-tiny midges coming off and dancing about the surface. this one’s in size 20 but the basic idea in various […]

Matt’s Gnat

i can’t get enough of the wonderful Duff erm… stuff over at Tightline Productions ! this time we’re treated with Matt  Grobert’s awesome alternative to the already awesome must-have, all time favorite fish catcher: the Griffith’s Gnat. we’ve already seen Andreas Lestander’s great version, here’s another with a twist that looks just as promising.

a better G-Gnat

Andreas Lestander‘s variation of the Griffith’s Gnat not much to say about this pattern except for it’s an absolute must-have go-to fly for any trout or grayling fisher. (or any bug slurping fish !) for some reason it’s supposed to resemble a gnat… but to me it simply looks yummy-buggy and experience has taught me […]

Tim’s Asher

fresh off the vice and video editor comes another great tying tutorial by Tim Flagler. immediately recognised as being in the Griffith’s Gnat family, this tiny coloured variant is yet another go-to pattern to have in the box. Tim’s tie has an orange body but you can easily use whatever colour that matches your local […]

meet Buzz

by Hans Weilenmann Buzz is just the way we (insect-eating fish and me) like them. scruffy, buggy, undefined silhouetty, heavy imprinty, fuzzy and translucenty. Hans points out it can be either a caddis or stonefly imitation and to us it looks like it’ll in one way or another resemble just about any on-the-water bug, meaning […]