Fly Casting- Explaining the Double Haul

by Stefan Siikavaara originally written in 2009, here’s an interesting approach on the subject that stands up well to time. intended for casting instructors, this ‘frame of mind’ or maybe ‘perspective shift’ should be of  interest for fly anglers of all levels. when talking about or teaching the Double Haul we tend to simply say “it […]

Fly Casting- How straight is Straight Line Path ?

a very astute casting student asked me recently, “I think I’m having difficulties keeping a Straight Line Path throughout the stroke. I must be doing something wrong ?” i love these kind of comments. it shows the person is curious, really pays attention to what they’re doing and shows they’ve studied well. at this point […]

Bendy vs Stiffy – a study of fly rod action and casting mechanics

“My experience is that for a given line length (and weight) the caster uses almost the same stroke regardless of the action of the rod. Different rods certainly “feel different” but there is little or no “adjustment to or matching of  the stroke” going on.” ~ Grunde Løvoll how many times have we heard or […]

Measuring Fly Rod “Swingweight”

ever wondered why some rods ‘feel’ heavier or lighter than others even though they have the same total weight ? how mass distribution along the blank will make or break a rod’s action ? or just want to have a better idea how these seemingly-simple-but-in-actuality-ever-so-complex fishing tools work or maybe just want to increase your […]