“Hocus Pocus”

a very dark day needs some light to balance it out. this article cum memoir kindly sent in by Mark Surtees gleams with childhood fears that turn to admiration, magic, the realisation and appreciation that fly fishing is a lot more than just catching fish and most importantly, at least in my eyes, how we as […]

It is Traditional.

during my recent UK stint big buddy and today’s special guest blogger Mark Surtees invited me to fish two historical southern England chalkstreams; the Avon and the Wylie, both part of a handful of rivers in the Salisbury area that where some of the play and testing grounds for all the famous chalkstream fly fishing authors/forefathers: Skues, […]

Five Fly Fishing Chuckles

fly fishing in itself isn’t inherently funny but a few chuckles along the way sure make our activity that much more special. defining what funny or chuckelish is, is an extremely suggestive endeavour but the good thing about this, and where it correlates with fly fishing is; just like the fish, we see it or […]

Scottish Gathering 2014 in Elizondo, Spain

this year’s Gathering was great but a little strange. firstly, this year’s Scottish meet was in Spain. i can’t go into the hows or whys of that but that part was cool as it’s always nice to visit a new place, even more so that i didn’t have the time this year to turn it […]

Tickled by Boars

i don’t know about you but i could take a break from the common weekend frame of mind that seems to permeate the world right now. what follows should do the trick at least for a little while and it won’t leave you with either a hangover, bad after-taste or any sticky fluids to clean […]

Fly Casting Physics: Casting Mechanics, What Do We Need To Know ?

the world of fly casting, and it’s subsequent contemporary research has by necessity (and thankfully) gone past the ‘touchy-feely’ to further understand and explain how all this actually works. for sure, an angler doesn’t need all this to go out and have fun but the inquisitive fly angler will greatly benefit from having a few […]

Fly Casting- One for the Wrist Breakers

for a slightly less bewitching method to conquer this shameful habit you could always try this: LOco WriSt !!! image and casting wisdom via Mark Surtees (somewhat) related articles “I will practice my cast maybe, or just go fishing.” The Key to Good Fly Casting: Practice! fitting into tight spaces Fly Lines: Taper Designs brainwashem’ young- two […]

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

~ Heraclitus although that might sound philosophically correct, it’s not entirely true and goes to show this guy wasn’t a fly fisher. apart from one or two, most ff’ers don’t just sit there staring at walls trying to think of the next clever thing to say. among other goodies we literally immerse ourselves in a deceivingly peaceful […]