Takashi Kuwahara

nothing i could say could do justice to these wonderful drawings so i’ll stick to one word: enjoy ! Takashi obviously knows a thing or two about fly casting. respect. for more of his gorgeous work click HERE

a Wind Knot in the making

by Takashi Kuwahara always fun, inspiring yet somewhat whimsical at least at first viewing, Takashi’s drawings are also often food for thought. outside of being a delightful drawing, today’s image shows us a caster that has multiple problems, the least being that he’ll most likely end up with knot(s) in his leader and a messy […]

drying off

by Takashi Kuwahara reminds me of something my fishing mentor repeated several hundred times when i was a kid: “You may think you’re fishin’ but that fly aint fishin’ if it aint in the water”… which also leads to this tip: if you need to dry off a fly by false casting, do this away […]

‘Somebody left this behind…

another lovely drawing from Takashi Kuwahara that brings a thought: when returning a captured fish we give it the chance to grow, reproduce and then we all get to capture it and it’s offspring again and continue the cycle. when we loose a fly to a tree we’re giving another angler the opportunity to try it […]