Alan Bithell has already contributed several treats on TLC and on today’s wormy menu we have another yummy: brandling |ˈbrandliNG| noun a red earthworm that has rings of a brighter color, often found in manure, and used as bait by anglers and in composting kitchen waste. [Eisenia fetida, family Lumbricidae.] ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from brand […]

How to properly crush hook barbs: Part Two

we’ve recently seen the how-to video and today, sent in by friend Alan Bithell is a detailed explanation why it’s way better to crush barbs with the pliers inline with the hook point rather than across. thanks Alan ! for more of Alan’s goodies previously contributed to TLC so far click here.  enjoy !

fly tying step-by-steps: the Failed/Emerging Buzzer

by Alan Bithell “This isn’t a pattern of my own invention. Many years ago Alan Roe arrived home from work late. On looking in the refrigerator for something to eat he saw a box containing 4 packs of Birds Eye Cod in Parsley Sauce. Grabbing it he put two in the microwave for dinner. Between […]

fly design- Seeing Red

by Alan Bithell via Rodtrip “The lochs in my part of the (Scottish) Highlands are acidic; this is from the peat that blankets this part of the world. Aquatic insects find it difficult to extract oxygen from the water if it is acidic. To counter this their haemoglobin has to be more efficient. As it […]

how trout perceive flies

– another gem and some fly-tying food for thought from Alan Bithell “Many years ago Peter McKenzie Philips wrote about how trout perceive the fly. He said that there are “keys” to identification. He likened the way we recognize this cartoon as being a Chinaman to the way that trout recognise food. Of course it […]

The Possibilities of Wire (wire and woven wire bodies for flies)

just sent in by friend and professional fly tier Alan Bithell, here’s a wonderful article on tying wires and its creative and practical uses. a real gem, thanks Alan !  The Possibilities of Wire    A couple of years ago a friend mentioned an idea to me about using wire to weave fly bodies. Since then I […]