Andreas’ Klinkhammer

by Andreas Lestander first, a pointless grump. i do not like these flies. they catch a lot of fish and i really respect Van Klinken for coming up with something that stands out from from the crowd. it is in fact one of the rare, real and unique and different fly designs to come around […]

Streaking through Flames

or “The Streaking Caddis” by Andreas Lestander making muddler-style heads on flies involves a few more things than just deer hair and one of them (ok, two of them) is patience and tolerance, something your house-mates/concubine/wife/husband/pets/ will also need because the messy trimmed hairs get everywhere (oh yes, everywhere… ). you’ll also need some kind of tool […]

a soothing Rhyacophila

by Andreas Lestander so soothing i almost drifted off to the deep-down land of green caddis-larvae slurping trouts ! these micro-monsters can be found all over the globe so it’s well worth having a few to dredge along the river bottom. they’re highly segmented, probably crunchy, come in different shades of green and they’re really […]

Salmo trutta Argusianus

or just plain ‘Great Argus pheasant‘  (Argusianus argus) photographed while visiting my friend Håkan Karsnäser’s fly cave, this is one of the most stunning feathers i’ve seen. tying geeks use them to make salmon flies but the male bird uses these amazing feathers to dazzle the chicks before mating. “Though the Great Argus is not as colorful […]

Matt’s Gnat

i can’t get enough of the wonderful Duff erm… stuff over at Tightline Productions ! this time we’re treated with Matt  Grobert’s awesome alternative to the already awesome must-have, all time favorite fish catcher: the Griffith’s Gnat. we’ve already seen Andreas Lestander’s great version, here’s another with a twist that looks just as promising.

a better G-Gnat

Andreas Lestander‘s variation of the Griffith’s Gnat not much to say about this pattern except for it’s an absolute must-have go-to fly for any trout or grayling fisher. (or any bug slurping fish !) for some reason it’s supposed to resemble a gnat… but to me it simply looks yummy-buggy and experience has taught me […]

Parachute hackle and post tying technique

by Andreas Lestander another great tying technique tutorial from snowy Sweden sure to help anyone anyone make a neater, stronger and less encumbered fly. thanks Andreas ! “Being able to tie flies with a so called parachute hackle (hackle wound horizontally around a wing post) is a skill that will come in handy when tying dry […]

thread on, thread off.

at first i was thinking wow, what a nice thread basics tutorial for beginners but on second thought, after seeing a lot of tiers in person and on video, maybe it might not be such a bad idea for all of us to take a refresher course on these two very important steps of fly […]