Tying the Snow Shoe Hare Emerger with Bob Wyatt

this most excellent fly is a variant of Bob’s famous DHE (Deer Hair Emerger) below. as noted in the video, it’s a simpler process to tie much smaller sized flies with hare fur than deer, also making it easier for those who don’t like using deer hair. i wrote about scruffiness and the idea of an emerger […]

Hangin’ on Bob

The Hang of It – by Bob Wyatt via Bumcasts once again, Bob shares his experience and wisdom on fish behavior and fly design, some invaluable reading for the angler trying to make sense of it all. leafy fashions come and go but the roots  always hold it all together and these few words go […]

Fly Tying- Slaney’s ShuttleCock Caddis

created by Paul Slaney, tied by Hans Weilenmann “The Shuttlecock Caddis is an effective variation on the standard Shuttlecock design. This Caddis Emerger is fished either in tandem with a sub-surface pattern, such as the Backstop Caddis, or by itself during a caddis hatch – generally to devastating effect.” i see this pattern as a caddissified version […]

Fly Tying- the Double-Decker

no, not this goofy thing, this one ! nice and nifty and what i like best: lotsa fishing friendly, fish attracting profile with a highly non-bug-species-specific generic aspect. take special note of Davie’s method of breaking away the wing’s waste hairs by increasing thread tension at the tie in point while tearing the fibres with […]

Dirty Dusting with a new dubbing

having received some yummy new, just-out Emerger Dubbing from Lucian Vasies at Troutline the other day i thought i’d give it a try on a simple, hardcore classic, Bob Wyatt’s Dirty Duster generic emerger pattern. in typical form, when i photographed the resultant flies i got carried away by the beauty of these hackles and completely […]

Put and Take

by Bob Wyatt nothing like a grumpy ole’ article from a grumpy ole’ man to brighten up a dismal sunday afternoon. enjoy ! With the demise of so many great fishing waters, and increasing pressure on the remaining wild fisheries, the best thing that has come down the pike for fly fisherman is the put […]

number One

a gorgeous ‘butter-brown’ first fish for me of the 2013 Gathering trip caught somewhere on the river Wye in England. a little fancified size 18 Bob Wyatt-style Deer Hair Emerger (peacock quill body and EP International fibers as the wing instead of deer hair) under the branches on the other side of the stream did the […]

getting low-down and Double-Dirty

as impressionistic and effective as it gets, here’s a minor variation of Bob Wyatt‘s classic Dirty Duster general emerger pattern and because more dirty is better than less dirty…  the Double-Dirty Duster (3D) is born ! originally created as an easier-to-tie version of his famous DHE (deer hair emerger), this pattern is anything but a […]

What Trout Want is out !

 here’s your chance to get a pre-run autographed copy of Bob Wyatt‘s infamous book. it’s a limited edition, so hurry ! click the pic to access Carl McNeil’s sale page and Bob’s link to see some of the groovy flies and stuff already shared here. speaking of, be on the lookout for an up and coming […]

What Trout Want

– The Educated Trout and Other Myths  by Bob Wyatt there’s so much self-important  blah-blahing in contemporary fly fishing literature that new books of real interest are far and few between. coming out somewhere around the 2013 new year, Bob Wyatt’s new book promises to set things straight by debunking popularized wishful thinking and insecurities… […]

DHE 2.0

Bob Wyatt‘s  Deer Hair Emerger, an updated version tied by Hans Weilenmann what a treat ! a few months back we had seen Bob tie his Snow Shoe Hare Emerger variant of the mega-classic D.H.E. and here’s an awesome tutorial with a new twist. notice the ‘reversed dubbing’, the pronounced deer hair stubs, Hans’ sparse use […]

The Friggin’ Awesome Fly Photo Cobra Contest Winner !

Friggin’ Awesomely tough – tough – tough choice ! i’m really touched by the great turnout and witty images received for this month’s contest and want to thank all the participants again for sending in such quality photos with equal thanks to Jeanie and Carl McNeil and Bob Wyatt without whom i wouldn’t have had […]

The Friggin’ Awesome Limp Cobra Holiday Photo Contest !

here’s the prize- Bob Wyatt‘s  wonderful new fly tying step by step dvd- Flies That Catch Fish – What Trout Want Volume 1 Dry Flies and Emergers very kindly donated by Jeanie and Carl McNeil of On the Fly Productions. and here’s how you can have a chance of winning this friggin’ awesome dvd just in time for the holidays. […]