Fly Casting- Bruce Richards helps prepare the IFFF-Certified Casting Instructor Certification: UPDATED

just a little heads up to inform potential candidates that since the original Fly Casting- Bruce Richards helps prepare the IFFF-Certified Casting Instructor Certification was posted, the good folk at Silver Creek Outfitters have added two more videos to the series bring it to a total of four. my CCI was a while ago but if memory’s […]

Fly Casting- Bruce Richards helps prepare the IFFF-Certified Casting Instructor Certification

via Silver Creek Outfitters of great interest for CCI candidates, the following videos should also be of help for anglers working on understanding good and bad casts and upping their casting game. first, an introduction of the IFFF by Rick Williams and candidate expectations by Bruce Richards, both Casting Board of Governors. without going through […]

Fly Casting Terms

another real gem for us shared here with Mac Brown‘s kind permission. first published in 2009, this is most certainly the most comprehensive list there is. beyond the definitions themselves there’s a whole lot of food for thought borne from an enormous amount of experience both on the water and whilst studying how fly casting […]


Vous trouverez ci-dessous une petite série d’articles sur le lancer mouche publié il y à quelques années sur mon ancien forum francophone Planè A quoi ça sert ? Souvent, quand je dis à quelqu’un, même et surtout aux moucheurs que je connais ou que je rencontre en France que je suis un instructeur certifié de […]

Fly Casting- What does a Tailing Loop look like ?

upon seeing this image on a casting discussion board recently i instantly replied “that’s not a tailing loop !”, further reminding me of just how many people have a false impression of what a TL looks like. all of these images where easily found on the net, have been displayed on sites and forums and […]

Sinking Fly Lines and Tips Sink Rates- Fact and Fiction

via Fly Fishing Research if you too have ever had the strong feeling that sinking lines and tips don’t get down as advertised this article’s for you. of course, given the myriad variables encountered in real-life fishing situations as opposed to lab environments like: – current or it’s equivalent on stillwaters: wind – and water […]

“And who would have thought that analyzing fly casting could be so sexy ?”

for more on this most informative instrument of torture created to make fly casters go crazy and weep from ineptitude yet not-so-sexy thingy devised by the brilliant yet cruel minds of Bruce Richards and Dr. Noel Perkins click here- CASTANALYSIS Related articles Fly Casting: Analyzing Straight Line Rod Tip Path and Shoulder-Elbow-Wrist Paths during the Stroke […]

Fly Lines: Taper Designs

with the hope the following article will help clear out a few ideas on fly line selection and since there’s been some recent comments regarding the use of level lines…, here’s an introductory excerpt on the hows and whys of fly lines tapers from Bruce Richards‘ seminal book Modern Fly Lines via Virtual Fly Casting. as a reminder, Bruce was […]

What is a double taper line for fly fishing?

as alluded to in yesterday’s post Double Tapered vs Weight Forward Fly Lines – Which is really better?, there’s an enormous amount of let’s say, less than informative information available on the net when it comes to explaining this or that about fly fishing, fly casting and basically fly-anything. here’s a real gem in the rough in […]

Double Tapered vs Weight Forward Fly Lines – Which is really better?

by Bruce Richards constantly amazed that this subject is still an issue with so many anglers, on so may forums and by so many ‘experts’, i thought it might be of worth to pull up this article and let Mr FlyLine explain it himself. of further interest we’ll note that the exact same principles of mass […]

The Key to Good Fly Casting: Practice!

by Bruce Richards fly casting can be very easy and it can be extremely complex, it’s all a matter of how far we want to take it. you can be an expert in history without ever having made history but you can’t cast a fly line with just theory. whatever level we want to achieve […]

Fly Casting

`because fly lines are wild snakes that need to be tamed` Use this quick reference list to access Fly Casting articles previously posted on TLC.If you’re looking for specifics use the search bar at the bottom of any page. Enjoy ! Fundamentals Fly Casting TermsThe Five Essentials of Fly CastingMaking Adjustments on the FlyThe Foundation Casting […]

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it”

today we had 5°, strong gusting winds and a steady rain. it also happened to be the day we planned assessing a FFF-CCI (Federation of Fly Fishers – Certified Casting Instructor) candidate’s preparation for the test and in my continued preparation for my second attempt of the Master’s level i got to play the part […]

“be One with the bug”

and the bug will be One with you… i’m not certain, but in the foreground it seems to be a Bibio Marci or Hawthorn fly. however, in the background  i can certify that it’s Thomas Berggren from last tuesday’s casting and fishing course at Thomas’s fishery Lilla Malma, an hour’s drive southwest of Stockholm. Thomas […]

Fly Casting- The Six-Steps Teaching Method

brilliant by it’s simplicity, along with other seminal articles such as The Five Essentials or Making Adjustments on the Fly, Bruce Richards’  Six Steps Method of fly casting analysis, though originally intended for instructors is of great value for every single fly fisher and not just instructors. we can all use this to great effect by observing the three basic […]