an adult chironomid

freshly hatched from the Canal du Midi right here at TLC-HQ, this little thing’s total body length is about 5mm long. true, fish will usually see these tidbits from underneath as chironomids/midges finish their final transformation from emerger to completed adult at the water’s surface but a) the canal isn’t very inviting swim-wise, b) it’s […]

Caenis Ins and Outs

we already know this gorgeous little creature has several functions: – firstly and most importantly, it gets us all excited when we see one. it makes us stop whatever it was we where doing (even if that something was fun), run over and grab a rod and do what’s natural for us fly fishers: have more […]

surprise visit

TLC headquarters is within spitting distance of a canal in the south of France: Le Canal du Midi. as scenic and tourist-drawing as this little waterway may be, and even though its commercial use of shipment barges is long gone, it nevertheless runs through a valley where agriculture borders it from the Atlantic ocean to the […]


funny how outside of France today is called Bastille day but here it’s just ‘Fête Nationale'(national holiday)… anyhow, being B-day and all, tonight, all the french cities will have fireworks and countless frenchmen will be ‘Ooooing and ‘Ahhhhing speechlessly for at least an hour. a nice break from the usual mundane frenchitudes as far as […]

carp lights

inner-town night carping is new to me and until i manage to actually catch a night carp while avoiding drunks, lovers and the strawberry-scented bait carpers i guess this will be an endeavor of ‘wishful thinking’ and patience affair. living now on the Canal du Midi, i have the luck to see these big tantalizing […]

Happy Birthday !!!

what an interesting date to celebrate The Limp Cobra’s first birthday. friends and readers, thank you so much for not only stopping by but coming back and coming back regularly. modesty keeps me from stating statistics figures but those numbers are amazingly high for a little fly fishing blog. i couldn’t be happier and gut […]

Fly Tying- Two Grey Things

Things, because they’re both fairly nondescript trout-type patterns. one floats, the other doesn’t, meaning they eventually could both be used at the same time and Grey, well, because that’s what its been like here lately in the Sunny South of France… also, some fish can’t make up their minds if they’re in the mood for […]