Catch and Release: Trout Dying To Get a Good Photo ?

via Bish & Fish from New Zealand or simply put, if you hold and squeeze the fish in its vital organs you have a good chance of killing it even if it seems to swim off well. if you’re interested in releasing our little friends properly please take a minute to read the complete article […]

fly fishing videos: Proper Catch and Release Methods

 ‘Live Release of Wild Atlantic Salmon’, a very nice effort put together by with top fishers Geneviève Fournier and Dave Adams. the voice-over guy kinda sounds like a robot but the message is clear, concise and good. of special note is keeping the fish out of the water no longer than five seconds at a time, […]

catch and release, well.

another super-sweet film from our friend Carl McNeil at On the Fly productions. proper catch and release isn’t difficult, it just takes a little planning and common sense. here are a few tips to release your prize catch in the best possible condition to ensure it’ll be able to go off and make a lot […]

more on catch and release

i often hear the counter-argument “I don’t care about C+R, it’s my right to keep fish, we’ve done it since the beginning of history, it’s in my legal rights”, etc, etc, etc. blah, blah, blah… ok, so you want to keep fish and as far as i’m concerned as long as you stay within reason […]

Catch & Release the funny way.

sent in by Lucian Vasies at from a recent fishing trip in Italy, this has to be my all-time favourite c&r selfie ever ! “I tried to make a photo and the camera was set at 3 sec. So in that time interval I was able only to fall down and not to make that classic photo […]

The Scottish Government: To reverse the decision by the Salmon Net Fishing Association of Scotland [SNFAS] to resume net fishing in the spring after a 14 year voluntary cessation.

please take just a few minutes of your time to read this and sign the petition. it doesn’t matter what part of the world we live in, fish don’t have nationalities and the same concerns are pretty universal. click the image to share your opinion on  thanks !  Online Petition by Ian Gordon Dufftown, […]

Size Matters and Life and Death

a lot of us tend to think that commercial fishing is the big nasty devil that’s ruining and depleting fish stocks around the world but that’s maybe just a convenient half truth. bring this to our sport-fishing level, reduce the fishery’s scale to say, a smaller or average sized lake or river or stream and […]

If you’re going to release them, release them well.

here’s how to do it properly with a very minimal –if any– effect to its health and lifespan.  Related articles Catch and Release Beginnings (an introduction to fly fishing) by Mel Krieger Fish Portraits

a nice use of paper and ink

i’ve always liked Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. the struggles, the intimate relationship the old guy has with his environment, his deep weathered wrinkles and maybe because of the unusual form of catch and release… here’s a nifty animated drawing with a lot of imagination sure to set the mind to far away […]

Oliver Kite and a year of fishing

here’s a blast from the past from a long-gone mini series first aired on British tv in the ’60’s. quite a colorful character this Kite and a pleasure to listen to, these stories go through a year’s full of seasons and we’ll discover a time in the UK through images that has disappeared. it’s a […]

The canary in the coal mine.

ever heard of southern California steelhead ? neither had i until this film. as noted in the beginning, we all know of this wondrous species but it’s basically all from much further north along the Pacific coast or north-east Great Lakes region. much more than just a ‘save the fish so we can fish it… […]

The World About Us

  what a charming, lovely find. much more than just a fly fishing movie, this very rich one hour film divided in four chapters gives us a view of a not-so-far past on southern england chalk streams, their ecosystems, their habitants, flies, gorgeous under and above water film and photos studies of insects and fish […]

there’s a fine line here but i don’t see it.

far from wanting to rekindle senseless/pointless debates on what constitutes fly fishing, here’s a couple of far-out-there flies sure to offend more than one. – 10 inch jointed fly “This rainbow trout fly was specifically designed to draw out very large trout, mimicking planted trout. This is an all tube fly, and designed so that […]

Federation of Fly Fishers Code of Angling Ethics

The mission of the Federation of Fly Fishers is to lead activities that enhance and support the fly fishing experience for all anglers who fish with the artificial fly. As part of our efforts to educate through fly fishing, we believe that ethical behavior is a key component of the angling experience. While the need […]

My seatrout mojo is a bad mojo

here’s the scene- i’m on a lovely Scottish river that’s noted for having a good run of seatrout. there’s also a lot of golden-bellied brown trout and salmon but since seatrout are far and few between in my part of the world i decide to spend the evening trying to catch what’s been so far […]