Fly Casting- Throw Away your Watch !

or (Where to Stop the Rod) as we’ve already seen in Jay and Bill Gammel’s The Five Essentials: 4. The length of the stroke must vary with the amount of line past the rod tip. “If you are casting a short line you will need a short stroke to move the rod tip along a […]

Fly Casting- Hearing the Cast

here’s an organ that most of us have but is seldom used or brought up in casting discussions. to bring back a quote from a casting instructor colleague that fits well with today’s topic:  “You can’t feel, hear, smell or taste the quality of your back cast but you can see what happens” and that’s something i completely […]

Fly Casting- the Quick Cast

by Capt. Chris Myers often talked about but rarely explained and demonstrated so well, here’s a really nice Salt-Water Quick Cast tutorial explaining the key points leading not only to a fast, successful presentation to the fish but also doing this safely. Chris’ explanations are clear, concise and show experience. this is most surely something to […]