Barrio Micro Nymph Fly Lines

something new, something very different, something exciting  ! by the description below we’ll see that this is indeed a specialty line not only because of its super-thin diameter but also that it is a parallel line with no taper. (that last part isn’t mentioned) at first this might raise a few eyebrows but consider that […]

Tying a caddis larvae

named as a Czech Nymph by Hackles & Wings, what i’m seeing in this lovely bug is an all-purpous, any time, anywhere caddis larvae imitation that’s bound to be the ticket whichever method you choose whether that be tightline, cast up-across or downstream, on a dropper beneath a dry or indicator. as always, match colour […]

Fly Fishing- The No Casters

By Aitor Coterón follows is an article i’ve always found interesting. written a few years back,  Aitor’s opinions reflect the condition in Spain but we’ll find that it still applies just about anywhere. ” Charles Ritz defined time ago three basic types of fly anglers: conscious casters, non-conscious casters and non-interested casters. Had Mr. Ritz […]

GammaroShrimps !

a super-sexy deluxe gammarus imitation step by step by Dave Wiltshire. ” Slim, heavy Czech nymphs and shrimp imitations can be essential for getting down to fish feeding in deeper, fast water. However where more gentle flows occur, I have found this shrimp imitation to really be successful. Don’t be fooled though, there is plenty […]


“The question still abounds, ‘why do grayling love the colour pink?’ In the pink shrimp it’s fairly obvious, as our rivers do hold a number of these fresh water shrimps; however, it’s now a regular occurrence to see row after row of patterns in many angler’s fly boxes sporting patterns with pink bodies, pink thoraxes, […]

” ‘Tis the devil’s work my son, and do not let me catch you about it.”

T E Pritt on fishing North Country Wets down and across. let’s just say (or i’ll just assume :mrgreen:) Pritt’d think the same of Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Belgian, Vatican, Belaru, Macedonian, Welsh, French, Lithuanian, Monegasque, Montenegran, Spanish, San Morenian, Maltese or any other form of this high-sticking, flipp-flopping, wrist twirling unmanly silly-madness commonly referred to […]

The Possibilities of Wire (wire and woven wire bodies for flies)

just sent in by friend and professional fly tier Alan Bithell, here’s a wonderful article on tying wires and its creative and practical uses. a real gem, thanks Alan !  The Possibilities of Wire    A couple of years ago a friend mentioned an idea to me about using wire to weave fly bodies. Since then I […]

Hydropsyche-farout-delic !

a wonderful Hydropsyche nymph step by step by Barry Ord Clarke via Mustad. ” In recent years, mostly through the success of the Czech national fly fishing team, this style of nymph has become extremely popular especially for short line river fishing. When tying this pattern there are a couple of points to note. Regarding weighting […]