Tying the Klinkhamer Special with Davie McPhail.

Davie’s tying videos are always a treat. chock full of tying tips and tricks, the careful observer will discover a lot more than what’s being explained verbally. designed by Hans Van Klinken,  the Klinhammer is one of the most original, creative and well thought out flies there is. it’s easy to tie. it’s easy to cast. it’s easy […]

Davie’s Black Cricket

Davie McPhail’s been recently upgrading a lot of his youtube tying videos to HD and as we say here in the south of France: ‘zat’s f’n great’ !!! so, to celebrate this high definition, on today’s menu we have a lovely and quite crunchy-munchy Black Cricket note that “It’s Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam that I used […]

Davie’s Quilled River Diawl-Bach

by Davie McPhail today’s fly tutorial is a steamy- juicy all-rounder variant of the traditional Welsh stillwater Diawl-Back midge pupae or in english “Little-Devil“.   Davie’s river version takes on a lot of elements common to other insects: caddis, mayfly and of course the ever-present midge. if this doesn’t say “mmmm, i should have a bunch […]

Tying Davie’s Tan Caddis

Davy McPhail is steadily becoming the reference for online step-by-step fly tying instruction. ever informative with tips and tricks for all sorts of flies, each one is a little goldmine in it’s own. the creative tier will find inspiration not only for the tie being shown but for also adapting these methods to their own […]

Fly Tying- a CDC Yellow May Dun

by Davie McPhail the Yellow May or, Heptagenia sulphurea is the Big Bird of the aquatic insect world. not so much i guess in the big sense, but it has weird globular eyes, its yellow all over, can be seen from kilometres away, is undoubtedly the easiest ephemeroptera species to recognise and everyone loves it, specially hungry […]

Fly Tying- a Long Hackled Secret

why ‘secret’ ? well, to start with, this usually reserved for wet fly method of hackling a dry fly is anything but common. in its finished all-in-one-step legs and wing aspect it closely resembles the layed-back wing and prickly legs/head results one would get with deer hair but without all the fuss and muss plus, […]

the Infernal Triangle of the Nymph World

first of all, the Sanford and Son episode that inspired these magical nymphs- ok, that was to a) get you throught the “Oh, No ! Not Another PT Tutorial !!!” feeling you probably had when you opened this page and b) a little Sanford and Son rerun every ten or twenty years doesn’t hurt. so, […]

Fly Tying- the John Storey

hot out Davie McPhail’s vise is a pattern that’s a billion years old an old English classic. apparently this little creature started its life as a wet fly but somehow dried out through time and started to float. at first glance we’ll notice that it doesn’t look like anything in the least bit like any one […]

Fly Tying- Making an Easy flat Lead Tape substitute

“If you can’t find Lead Tape/Foil then why don’t you make your own using a Seam Roller….. ?” Davie McPhail‘s question/suggestion says it all. first of all, flat lead tape, whether sticky-back or not isn’t always easy to find and it’s more expensive than it should be. on the other hand, round profiled lead wire […]

Fly Tying Tutorials- the Silver Invicta

“The Invicta was originally known as The Pride of Devon, The Silver Invicta is a variation of the original Invicta fly pattern. The Invicta Caddis wet fly pattern was first mentioned in James Ogden’s book “Ogden on fly tying” which was published in 1879.“ that’s 136 years of being a classic fly that not only greatly […]

the Transformer Midge

hot off of Davie McPhail‘s video editor is one the most interesting fly design concepts i’ve seen in a looooong time: the Transformer monicker sets the theme. tied as is and with all its strong and fine trigger points, this fly looks like it’ll do the trick just about anywhere whether it be on flowing […]

Fly Tying- Arthur Cove’s Pheasant Tail Nymph

we all know that Frank Sawyer was the originator the infamous* PTN but perhaps few outside of the UK are familiar with Cove’s version. where Sawyer’s nymph was originally created as a baetis imitation for chalkstreams, Cove’s version comes out as a chironomid pupae mostly intended for stillwaters but works equally well in flowing waters that […]

chironomid pupae detached

by Davie McPhail there’s about fifteen gazillion midge/buzzer/chironomid patterns out there and just about all of them severely lack what’s probably in my opinion the most important trigger that might attract fish to an emerging midge: movement of the fly’s body itself. as we easily see in this video midges continuously wiggle-squiggle in the same […]

Lady Compara

a low-in-the surface egg laying Adams Comparadun by Davie McPhail some most excellent and inspiring craftsmanship in this just-out tying tutorial. i particularly liked the details of the wing and tail and going back through the wing fibres with the dubbing body to splay out the deer hair. this one’s a real gem, enjoy !

Winged Wets- Two contrasted versions

both classics, both at the extremes of fly profile volume yet both equally effective. to start off, a lovely paired waterhen winged Iron Blue Dun from Davie McPhail for when the fishes want something big(ish). and a beautiful and very sparse Clyde-style Teal and Black from Peter McCallum via Magnus Angus / Fly Fishing and Fly Tying for […]

Tying up the Nagli

a Spey-style variant of the classic Islandic Nagli Atlantic salmon fly by Davie McPhail. outside of yet another fantabulous tying tutorial with Davie’s impeccable techniques and explanations, those of us that don’t get the opportunity to chase Atlantic salmon very often might be inspired by this pattern’s basic design to adapt it to river trout […]

a Clyde Style Fly Magpie & Silver

by Davie McPhail well, Davie’s magpie wing hardly fits in with the description above but it hardly matters because many other references to this style of fly have the same big-winged generosity. thing is,  it’s hard to find any universally accepted definition to the Clyde style fly as most authors tend to have their own […]

Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug

a while back we’d seen an intro by Oliver Edwards where both of Sawyer’s most famous nymphs: the Pheasant Tail and Killer Bug where featured, tied and fished but i thought a refresher on this seminal Bug was a little overdue, this time with a bit more info (i know there’s a lot more in […]

the Minnie Mouse No Hackle dry fly

by Davie McPhail ok, Davie doesn’t mention anything about Ms. Mouse (as well as anyone else as far as i can tell… ) but, this style of fly always brings up images of her sexy bow-tie shaped head gear, something i’m sure  the trout are fond of in an equal manner. (that’s one of those […]

the Sunburst Spey

a steelhead/salmon fly tying tutorial by Davie McPhail once in a while a fly comes along that has a special certain ‘oh my, that’s really yummy – slurp !’ effect and this little number does just that. whether it’s the color scheme, proportions, tying neatness or this or that or whatever it is; it’s hitting […]

more leg-knotting

we’d already seen different methods of knotting different materials with the goal of giving them the characteristic bent shape that just about every bug’s joints have: – Knotting your legs by hand – bend Ze legs and keep Zem bent – sexy legs simply in this new how-to video, Davie McPhail shows us yet another method, this […]


a Crane Fly/Daddy Long-Legs detached body tutorial by Davie McPhail after what seemed like an endless break from the tying video scene, it sure is nice to see Davie back again with this new juicy treat full of yum trigger points for the fish to key on. this fly’s particularly big because it fits in […]

a winged, quilled, cormorant buzzer

by Davie McPhail here’s a very good example of what first appears to be non-sensical hybridization and further proof that trying to understand why a fish will take an artificial fly over another is as futile an attempt as well, maybe trying to understand the meaning of life or maybe why i went out with […]

Fly Tying Videos: the HatchMaster, a simple, elegant, adult Mayfly pattern

by Davie McPhail if you’re one of the many anglers who enjoy casting your flies into trees, rejoice ! this one’ll not only catch a lot of fish because it has all the right elements but will only cost you a little thread, a hook, two feathers and maybe two minutes of your time. the ‘one […]

More Cat Gut !

we’ve already seen the yummymagicalyamazingful results cat gut* can give on caddis and mayfly nymphs by Lucian Vasies and today’s hot-off-the-vise video is from Davie McPhail tying his own version of a caddis larva using the same cat gut from Lucian’s online shop troutline.ro enjoy ! i can imagine stocks will go out quite fast. * […]