Trout Fly Design: The Avon Special step by step

you may remember this little Avon Special beauty from a while back: one of Roy Christie’s signature upside-down, reversed mayfly emerger patterns. at the time we where treated to a lovely article based on this fly’s particular design and even though i still have a few that Roy had personally tied and offered me, what […]

limbo|ˈlimbō|- (or seductive undulating and alternative uses of foam in fly design)

noun 1 the abode of ‘unbaptized’  nymphs, and of the just who died or are about to before hatching. 2  a voluntary uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an induced intermediate state or condition or indecision of water level beingness: the fate of these insects is now in limbo: neither floating nor sinking, just ‘there’. • a state of neglect […]

fly design, doctors, accurate inaccuracies and ‘oh, what the heck… !’

“Many doctors fish for trout, but there have been endless arguments over the best choice of fly. To extend evidence based practice from their professional into their leisure hours (where it might conceivably be more useful) Britton et al ( p 1678) carried out a randomised trial of five different dry flies (artificial floating flies) […]

fly design- Seeing Red

by Alan Bithell via Rodtrip “The lochs in my part of the (Scottish) Highlands are acidic; this is from the peat that blankets this part of the world. Aquatic insects find it difficult to extract oxygen from the water if it is acidic. To counter this their haemoglobin has to be more efficient. As it […]

Trout Fly Design- The Easy Peasy USD

by Roy Christie we’d already seen one version of the Easy Peasy and it’s step-by-step and here’s the method behind the madness. indeed, i like repeating myself: this is pure brilliance and one of the better examples of well thought out fly design. it’s the combined result of observing bugs, fish, where they come from and […]

Trout Fly Design: The Avon Special

by Roy Christie just two words: simply genius…  enjoy ! When I was a youth in the late 1960’s experience with the trout on my home river had showed me that, when they were feeding on tiny midges in the surface film, they could be caught on a short dressed hare’s ear stuck on the film. […]

aquatic insects struttin’ their stuff- continued thoughts on fly design

more than just being able to enjoy watching these critters in their watery world, this video shows us some interesting aspects of the naturals that might be beneficial to keep in mind when recreating them at the bench. while a lot of artificial nymph bodies are rigid, we’ll notice that the naturals bend quite a […]

continued thoughts on fly design: the micro-clouser

over the past several years a lot of my streamer tying has been influenced by larger freshwater predator or salt water patterns. in a similar manner as my great friend Andy Baird is obsessed with tying micro flies for trout, i’ve found great success on all sorts of fresh and saltwater fish by toning down […]

Fly Fishing- Leader design for streamers

lots of very good info here from Kelly Galloup. admittedly, these leader designs aren’t universal and are specifically geared towards targeting large trout with large trout streamers in rivers, retrieving them across stream from a drift boat or wading but Kelly’s explanations are well worth listening to as a lot of the very same principles […]

Fly Tying: Design, Dancing and a Bathtub

effective streamer design takes a little more than just strapping large amounts of materials to a hook and adding some factory made weighted heads and 3D eyes. in other words, it’s not good enough for it to look good all fresh off the vise and dry. in a larger scale testing facility than my notorious […]

Fly Lines: Taper Designs

with the hope the following article will help clear out a few ideas on fly line selection and since there’s been some recent comments regarding the use of level lines…, here’s an introductory excerpt on the hows and whys of fly lines tapers from Bruce Richards‘ seminal book Modern Fly Lines via Virtual Fly Casting. as a reminder, Bruce was […]

Fly Tying- More than an Egg

we’ve taken the egg tying route before with the standard egg yarn design- the Good side of Clowns and a pretty darn realistic, resin-based- a Perfect Embryo. most tiers would leave it at that and consider their eggy needs complete but this recent video by Matthew Pate takes the egg yarn technique to another level and its brilliant and […]

Fly Tying- a Long Hackled Secret

why ‘secret’ ? well, to start with, this usually reserved for wet fly method of hackling a dry fly is anything but common. in its finished all-in-one-step legs and wing aspect it closely resembles the layed-back wing and prickly legs/head results one would get with deer hair but without all the fuss and muss plus, […]

Fly Tying- Wet and All Purpose

half-full Clark/Cheech says its a “hybrid of a hybrid” and this half-empty guy says its a “variant of a variant” but ! this isn’t a personality contest, its a friggin’ awesome fly. why ? the intangible explanation says this thing has fish-magnet written all over it and a maybe more reasonable reason is this pattern kinda looks […]

Fly Tying- Should upsidedown flies be tied rightside up ?

this recent article from Devin Olsen at Tactical Fly Fisher brings up some very interesting points on nymph design, particularly and as the article’s titled- Wingcases, shelbacks and wings: To invert or not to invert ? that is the question. among other great observational insights found in the article, one of the most pertinent, easily verifiable […]

Fly Rods- Gary Loomis on Rod Construction and Breakage

we’d already seen some insights on fly rods and how they break by Tim Rajeff- Why and How Fly Rods Break & Understanding how fly rods break but it’s always good to get varying thoughts and opinions from different rod designers and today’s little treat comes straight from someone who needs no introduction; Gary Loomis. in this article […]

Fly Tying- Slaney’s ShuttleCock Caddis

created by Paul Slaney, tied by Hans Weilenmann “The Shuttlecock Caddis is an effective variation on the standard Shuttlecock design. This Caddis Emerger is fished either in tandem with a sub-surface pattern, such as the Backstop Caddis, or by itself during a caddis hatch – generally to devastating effect.” i see this pattern as a caddissified version […]

Fly Tying- a Blae and Black/Black Pennell two-in-one wet fly

blae [bley, blee] Origin adjective, Scotland and North England 1. bluish-black; blue-gray. “Ye must be fair starving, Paul,” quoth she softly with her hand on my arm, and I daresay my face was blae with cold and chagrin. ‘The Shoes of Fortune’, Neil Munro now, what’s interesting in this fly’s name is that it doesn’t have any […]

Fly Tying- Building a better Boobie

by Philip Rowley Boobie flies, lovem’ or hatem’. personally, i’m somewhere in between but loving them or not isn’t really the point of today’s post but one of cleverly thought-out fly design and technique(s). we’ve already seen a myriad of tying videos here on TLC and this is one of the most thoroughly thought-out and […]

fly tying- whipping up a fluff cat

by Matthew Pate via HMHFlyFishing at first glance, this Cat might look like any other bunny-leech type streamer/lure/attractor fly but on second look there’s that green skirt made of Chrystal Hackle or Pseudo Hackle, a fine-fibred synthetic wrapped as one would a feather hackle in between the tail and body that sets this pattern apart from […]

Fly Tying Tutorials- the Silver Invicta

“The Invicta was originally known as The Pride of Devon, The Silver Invicta is a variation of the original Invicta fly pattern. The Invicta Caddis wet fly pattern was first mentioned in James Ogden’s book “Ogden on fly tying” which was published in 1879.“ that’s 136 years of being a classic fly that not only greatly […]

Barrio Fly Reels- The Hot Copper Spider

yummy, huh ? Mike sums it up so well there’s not a lot to add apart that my own Spider from years ago is as good now as out of the box. both modern and traditional,  very well designed and engineered (just to give you an idea, there’s absolutely no play between the spool and […]

Barrio Micro Nymph Fly Lines

something new, something very different, something exciting  ! by the description below we’ll see that this is indeed a specialty line not only because of its super-thin diameter but also that it is a parallel line with no taper. (that last part isn’t mentioned) at first this might raise a few eyebrows but consider that […]

Fly Casting Secrets

or, what maybe used to be secrets but aren’t any more. in fact, a lot of those secrets are now more than questionable but thats why i find this old gem from Jim Green filmed in 1975 to be just that: a gem to look at and listen to and be analysed by not just […]