Fly Casting- Joan and her Sponge

by Joan Wulff produced by Jeffrey Pill | Miracle Productions via MidCurrent here’s one of the better tips a fly fisher/caster can have. the ‘death grip’, a constant tightening of the hand throughout the casting cycle not only leads to pains which can vary from discomfort all the way  up to tendonitis but is one of […]

Joan, again and again and again !

what a treat for the fly casting world ! Joan Wolff’s at it again, this time with new and up to date casting techniques. the first edition ‘Fly Casting Techniques’ was and still is a great inspiration of mine and was part of my study materials for my instructor exams. sure, there’s a few quirky […]

Fly Casting- The Wiggle / Horizontal Hump / Fly Dryer Pick Up

as the title suggests, this technique has several names but in my heart it’s the Wiggle and since i like things that wiggle… i’ll stay with the jiggly moniker ! just as in Pavel Kupstov‘s description and super-excellent video below, its main purpose is to easily and very quickly shake/fling off water from a waterlogged […]

Fly Casting- the Vertical Hoop drill

a lot of fly casting practise involves using rings, a hoop or any other object placed on the ground. this teaches us target distance acquisition and of course, accuracy. the next step up from there is placing that hoop or something similar vertically and casting through it. (in her fantastic book Fly Casting Techniques, Joan Wulff […]

Fly Casting- Casting by hand

although very cool to watch, casting fly lines by hand (without a rod) isn’t anything new. i’m not sure they where the first to develop this but Lee and Joan Wulff wrote about it eons ago and if i remember correctly, they got the idea of trying this out when they ended up stream side […]

Fly Casting Instructor Demo – Sabah, Malaysia

amazing the things one finds when trolling the net ! this morning, while watching a fly fishing video i saw my name on the youtube sidebar and of course opened the page. the funny thing is, i didn’t even know this video existed ! but what a nice surprise as it brought back fond memories […]

Fly Casting- Some thoughts on Instruction and Descriptions from Mel Krieger

an excerpt from The Essence of a Fly Cast – Mel Krieger via Christopher Rownes words, words, words. we need them to teach fly casting but if they’re not carefully chosen they can lead to confusion. for instance, a pet peeve of mine is Joan Wulff’s ‘Power-Snap’. in my mind, and something i’ve often witnessed […]

” The definition of a fly rod – an antenna which transmits peace, tranquility, excitement, fellow-ship, and most of all, an awareness and appreciation for the outdoors ”

– author unknown via Joan Wulff’s recently published book: New Fly-Casting Techniques when reading these words, the innocent bystander or hopeless romantic might think that a fly rod is something akin to a magical wand, maybe even something that has a soul, character, personality. and then, the pragmatic who’s given some thought to these matters might […]

The Basic Cast

by Joan Wulff via MiddCurrent what a treat ! here’s a wonderful tutorial of the most basic fly cast, the Pick Up and Lay Down. the PU&LD is what leads to just about any and all aerial casts. with a few slight variances we’ll find the same principles with water-born casts as well, making this […]

who wants to play ?

“If you don’t know where the fish lie but can cast well enough to cover all the water with finesse, you are likely to solve the mystery and catch fish. If you know where they lie but can neither reach them or present the fly naturally, you are not even in the game” Joan Wulff

Fly Casting- Better not stop !

or this guy won’t think you’re doing it right… following a current website casting thread on the Italian TLT (Total Line Technique) style of casting, one of the better casters of this style posted the video above to point out that this technique doesn’t involve stopping the rod. well, ok, with the short amount of […]

a roll forged in fly fishing…

YoWww !…   taken with a surreal point of view the silliness below is rather amusing (for maybe 3 seconds) but i have to feel sorry for the person seeking valid information and help. the video demonstrations and explanations are as poor as it gets and the following text is, i don’t even know what. […]

“A woman who was born to fly cast”

you guessed correctly, it’s Joan Salvato Wulff. i can’t get enough of this lady…  and here’s a little treat for us. briefly recalling her life and achievements, this little video is here to remind us of her influence to the fly fishing world and how this influence has equally reached women, children and men, something […]