brainwashem’ young- Kite-Master Eryn

‘Fish Fight Simulator’ by Lee Cummings actually, i’m not sure if this lovely lass is Millie ‘The Double-Haul Princess’  because they grow so fast… (it turns out it’s Millie’s sister Eryn) but regardless, it’s hard to imagine a better and funner way to teach a kid how to learn to fight a fish and be comfortable with rod […]

fitting into tight spaces

by Lee Cummings over the last few years and among a whole lot of other things, Lee’s been doing a lot of research on shooting heads and more particularly, short, mini and micro heads to be used in the tightest of areas where other lines can’t deliver (pun intended), such as this little seatrout stream […]

Fly Line Selection: Head lengths, weight distribution and other goodies

continuing with the Fly Line series, today’s gem comes to us from Lee Cummings. “One of the questions I normally ask a client whilst setting up his/her own equipment is “may I ask what line you are currently using there?” and secondly “what is the head length ?” These are not trick questions, I just simply […]

Tension Glasses

i remember Lee Cummings bringing this up several years ago and i’m pretty sure it’s still in the back of his mind. the idea being, through high-tech chemistry and ingenuity, someone could devise a fly line that would change colors as it goes through various degrees of tension throughout the cast. the tension glasses would […]

Spey Casting- the AnchorSwitch

yet another ingenious cast devised and performed by Lee Cummings “A method of switching from a down stream anchor spey cast to an upstream one Mid-Cast. This is done by repositioning the line ” and subsequent D loop” to the new delivery side by casting it behind you using rod tip movements similar to that […]

fly fishing at night

some really good ideas and insights on night fishing here by Lee Cummings. it’s all good but maybe no. 1 is the most important 😉 Ok, In no particular order… 1 Dont watch stupid horror movies in the weeks leading up to when you might be out night fishing for Sea trout on your own.  […]

Welding, Adapting, Looping and Single-Hand Shooting Heads

by Lee Cummings Lee’s one of those rare people you meet once in a while that really thinks outside the box and comes up with brilliant solutions whether it be about casting instruction, fishing or tackle. forever on the hunt to customize and optimize his fishing and casting, he’s been working on short-short shooting head […]

Rain Music

here’s my friend Lee Cummings again. on this video he’s casting a shooting head and trying out a new retro-reflective rod coating that enables a better visibility of how a fly rod works through video analysis. a very cool idea indeed with astonishing results. this was filmed one night in December. as you can see, the […]

Single Handed Spey Casting Session

performed by  Lee Cummings Lee, simply put is one of the best fly casting instructors there is. he’s definitely a person who thinks outside the box and this is reflected in his approach, studies and development of contemporary casting. having had the great opportunity to witness several of his demos (and even a surprise solo […]

Fly Casting Instructor Demo – Sabah, Malaysia

amazing the things one finds when trolling the net ! this morning, while watching a fly fishing video i saw my name on the youtube sidebar and of course opened the page. the funny thing is, i didn’t even know this video existed ! but what a nice surprise as it brought back fond memories […]

hitting a wall

whatever activity it may be it happens to all of us at one point or another. in fact, it happens to me several times a day… but ! today’s fly casting analysis video, while still remaining a bit obscure to me shows us a creative test of doing this wall-hitting on purpose with a fly […]