more leg-knotting

we’d already seen different methods of knotting different materials with the goal of giving them the characteristic bent shape that just about every bug’s joints have: – Knotting your legs by hand – bend Ze legs and keep Zem bent – sexy legs simply in this new how-to video, Davie McPhail shows us yet another method, this […]

Knotting your Legs by Hand

last week’s great tying tip treat was a whip-finish hand job and continuing on Hans Weilenmann‘s ‘fly tying how-to’ series here comes a couldn’t be simpler way to tie knots in feather fibers or whatever to make lively, kickin’, sexy legs for all your hopper, bibio, you name it flies with legs. enjoy ! while i’m […]

Fly Tying- a DIY knotted Leg Tool

i haven’t tried this yet but this little home-made gizmo found on In The Riffle’s Fb page gets a doubleplusgood for creativity and ingenuity. how does it stack up to pre-existing leg-knotting options is anyone’s guess which i suppose will be more down to personal preference rather than all-out efficiency but variety they say, is the spice […]

pretty darn-nice Hopper Legs

via In The Riffle i’ll leave out the video title’s extraneous superlatives and get to the point: this is a very nice and simple way to get big, fat, juicy-sexy legs for all your grasshopper and similar-legged terrestrial bug  imitations. combining more ‘traditional’ methods of knotting feather fibers and then gluing the fibers to get […]

Fly Tying

Use this quick reference list to access how-to/tips and tricks fly tying reference articles previously posted on TLC. If you’re looking for specifics use the search bar at the bottom of any page. Comments and questions are always welcome ! Include them in the comment section of the relevant post. Enjoy ! A Complete Dubbing […]

‘hedging your bets

goodness, it’s been at least several weeks since i’ve shared a Davie McPhail tying video ! (no wonder the Cobra stats are down… ) here’s a nifty one for all of you going through withdrawal: the Green Peter Sedge Hopper, a long hackle dry that’ll look like a heather, sedge, hopper and who knows, maybe […]