The Essential Midge – Fly Talk Special by Mick Hall

continuing with ‘Midge-Madness’ week, today’s special treat comes to us from Down-Under and world renowned fly tier Mick Hall. i had the wonderful opportunity and honor to meet Mick in 2011 at a fly fair in Stockholm where he was one of the featured tiers. a truly kind and generous man, taking the time to […]

for the love of water

kindly sent in by Mick Hall. “This pic is from the fabled Aussie stream and my favourite, the Rubicon River about ten minutes from where I live.” Cheers Mick be sure to check out Mick’s previous contribution to TheLimpCobra: The Essential Midge – Fly Talk Special by Mick Hall for some invaluable insights, photos and imitations of these […]

think BIG !

more for the novelty aspect rather than the finished result or the method, here’s a parachute dry fly intended for carp on a size 2 circle hook. yes, a size 2 circle hook. contrary to what a lot might think, our big slimy friends do come up to the surface to feed on insects and […]

Two-For midge Saturday

two fresh-off-the-vise midge patterns from Davie McPhail for a stormy, windy yet lovely midge-filled spring day. first, a very juicy F-fly midge. side note: it is indeed a lovely fly but the only thing i can see here that vaguely resembles an F-fly is the cdc wing and that it’s mounted on a hook; something […]

Creating a detached body mayfly

a super-sweet step-by-step by tutorial Barry Ord Clarke we’ve already seen several variations of detached-bodied flies and here’s another simple to make version yielding adaptable, resistant and  gorgeous results. very well explained and photographed, what may at first seem a little daunting to the neophyte, “This is a simple but but effective mayfly pattern that fly […]

What is a Flymph ?

if nothing else it sounds pretty cool but let’s dig a bit more. “Vernon S. “Pete” Hidy coined the term flymph. What is a flymph? A flymph is a hatching insect be it mayfly, caddisfly, midge, or stonefly that according to Pete Hidy is in the stage of metamorphosis “changing from wingless nymphs to flies […]

Matuka !

 probably more fun than tying or fishing them, the greatest joy with this awesome streamer pattern is yelling MAAAATUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! at the top of your lungs when approaching a likely big-fish holding spot. this seemingly counter-intuitive act puts the bigger fish in a prime eating mode and also chases away any other angler for miles around. (nothing’s […]

the SuperPupaPlus

it sure doesn’t look like much but the Super Pupa is a hard-core/hard-fishing caddis pupa/emerging pattern. originating from Sweden, the mere mention of this fly’s name there brings far-away ‘in a trance’ looks. (i can’t figure out if it’s the joyful child-like glee of saying those two words or if it’s just another nickname for […]

Peeping Stick Caddis

by Mick Hall via Mustad ” Caddis larva come in two forms, those that build portable homes (Stick Caddis) and free living.  All caddis larva have a hardened section near and including the head, whilst the bodies are soft and range in colour from off white through to a dirty yellow and some have green […]

Frank Sawyer’s Bow Tie

very similar in concept as the SS Knot where the knot is outside of the hook instead at the eye, this super-creative ‘outside of the box’ Bow Tie Buzzer (BTB) rig thought up by the amazingly observant Frank Sawyer quite frankly gets me all excited… what a simple, ingenious solution to something i’ve been trying to […]