Oliver Edwards, Frank Sawyer’s Pheasant Tail Nymph and putting all that old stuff to good use.

always a bit dismayed by conflicting emotions and the ensuing decision making process of wanting to slap him upside the head and also show him my deepest respect, watching Edwards tie and fish is regardless, always a treat. most of his film excerpts don’t stay for long on the open net so if anything, it’s […]

Oliver Edwards demonstrates the Snap Roll Cast

part one of what’s going to be an ongoing series on the Roll Cast, it’s uses, what, how, why, when, debunking myths and etc and etc and etc, here’s Oliver Edwards demonstrating the Roll Cast pick-up or Snap as he calls it for fishing small streams and rivers. we’ll see later how this exact same […]

Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug

a while back we’d seen an intro by Oliver Edwards where both of Sawyer’s most famous nymphs: the Pheasant Tail and Killer Bug where featured, tied and fished but i thought a refresher on this seminal Bug was a little overdue, this time with a bit more info (i know there’s a lot more in […]

a better Bugger

another  great piece by Monsieur Cheech at Fly Fish Food there’s probably fourteen million tutorial videos out there on how to tie the Wooly Bugger and thirteen million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and eight of them basically suck: either there’s a disregard for proportions or they’re overly dressed, sloppily tied or simply […]

Contrasting Nymphs

one very realistic rendition and one that catches fish. apart from being a gorgeous drawing i couldn’t say exactly what species the top one is in the Ephemeroptera/mayfly world but it isn’t a baetis as these only have two tails. i guess my point is that in fly selection we have basically two choices. either we […]

What is a Flymph ?

if nothing else it sounds pretty cool but let’s dig a bit more. “Vernon S. “Pete” Hidy coined the term flymph. What is a flymph? A flymph is a hatching insect be it mayfly, caddisfly, midge, or stonefly that according to Pete Hidy is in the stage of metamorphosis “changing from wingless nymphs to flies […]

BigFoot !

or the Footprint Dun, an Oliver Edwards design tied by Hans Weilenmann my first reaction was “oh my……” , but on second look (and third and forth etc, etc) what comes out is a fly that is pretty uniquely designed around strong trigger/attractor points and that makes it stand out not only to the fish but […]

Fly Casting

`because fly lines are wild snakes that need to be tamed` Use this quick reference list to access Fly Casting articles previously posted on TLC.If you’re looking for specifics use the search bar at the bottom of any page. Enjoy ! Fundamentals Fly Casting TermsThe Five Essentials of Fly CastingMaking Adjustments on the FlyThe Foundation Casting […]

the Reverse Hackling technique

by Hans Weilenmann i originally learned this technique of hackling flies from several Oliver Edwards fly tying video where he uses it mostly for North Country Spiders but Han’s brilliant demonstration here shows us the finer points to consider when doing this, whether it be for dries or hackled wets. there are several aspects that […]

the F-Fly

is one of those general imitations very apt at imitating either a mayfly, a sedge or a midge. originally designed for grayling, it will do and do equally well for just about any species of fish that eats insects. it’s very simple design and construction are what makes it work and it’s a great fly […]

Traditional wet fly fishing techniques

with Oliver Edwards not being of any traditionalist’s tendencies, what interests me most in wet fly fishing is more the style of fishing rather than the actual flies used as this method works equally well with unweighted nymphs or drowned dries (yup, put sinkant, mud or spit on it and it slowly sinks just where […]

Fly Tying- the Pinch and Loop – Pinch Wrap – Soft Loop

simply put, thread control is what makes or breaks fly tying and here’s an invaluable tip equally at home for any type of fly, little or big  and for all  tiers of all levels. going by the different names of: pinch and loop, pinch wrap, soft loop, they’re all the same method and it’s another […]

“the proof of the pudding is in the eating”

Search and Sight Fishing by Oliver Edwards maybe mostly known for his fantastic fly designs and tying innovations, here’s a preview to one of the chapters of his ‘Essential Skills’ set available on dvd. being one of my favorite ways of fishing rivers when waters are clear enough, the upstream nymph to sighted fish technique […]

the Voodoo Cast

performed by Michael Mauri what is it ? it’s just a fancy pick up leading to a switch cast. a switch cast is a dynamic roll cast where instead of dragging the line back to form the D loop, the line is picked up, lifted from the water and swept back in the air to […]