the Perfection Loop knot- Again and again and again and again

the Perfection loop knot has been featured here on TLC more than once. we’ve seen the basic knot and two versions of how to use it as a free-swinging tippet-to-fly junction. one would think that that more-than-enough covers the subject but, Tim Flagler via MidCurrent once again found not only a better way to show us how […]

Tying the Perfection Loop knot with a Fly – part 2

we’d already seen this same knot demonstrated by my buddy Scott Loudon two and a half years ago but since this newer video just came out i thought a little refresher wouldn’t hurt. having used it quasi-exclusively when using a loop knot since seeing Scott’s tutorial, i’ll not go into breaking strain figures as i’ve […]

tying the Perfection Loop

this loop is ‘perfect’ for loop-to-loop line-to-leader or leader-to-leader connections for anything but the biggest of fish. super easy to tie, the loop stays in line with the standing end of the monofilament and not ‘kinked’ to the side as with a Double or Triple Surgeon’s Knot. to be honest, i’m not sure it really makes […]

Tying the Perfection Loop knot with a Fly

as a follow-up and an alternative to the Lefty Loop, here’s a really nifty knot to know. whether you’re tying on a big pike size lure or a tiny nymph or dry this knot has the advantages of using less mono which slows down the reduction of tippet used at each fly change and it’s a […]

Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks- Adjusting the Loop size of a Perfection Knot

as a recap and to start off, here’s a reprint of an article on how to construct a Perfection Loop from a while back. Tying the Perfection Loop this loop is ‘perfect’ for loop-to-loop line-to-leader or leader-to-leader connections for anything but the biggest of fish. super easy to tie, the loop stays in line with […]

Fly Casting- the Sexy Loop

in this film stills sequence Paul Arden demonstrates an exceptionally beautiful front cast, his signature “Sexy Loop”. no bangles, no frills, no fanfare, the line is under perfect tension and control which means all the other elements that make up great casting where performed equally well. this is as near to perfection as any of us could ever […]

Review- Stickman Rods P5 ‘Evil Black’ 9′ 5wt

first off, here’s the tech specs from Stickman Rods: 5 weight, 9′ length, 4 piece Rod weight: 91 gram (3.21 oz) Matte natural finish, fast action blanks Flor grade half wells grip from Portugal REC reel seat Anodized aluminium reel seat spacer with engraving in black or red Fuji stripping guides in black Recoil Black […]

the Tangle-Free Duncan Dropper

i came about this way to rig a dropper quite by accident sometime last summer. it was pretty dark and i was changing the tippet of the main leader and noticed while attaching it to the tippet ring with a Duncan Loop knot shown below (falsely named Uni-knot) that i had poorly judged the amount of […]

Fly Fishing Equipment

Use this quick reference list to access fly tackle reference articles previously posted on TLC. If you’re looking for specifics use the search bar at the bottom of any page. Enjoy !   How fly lines are made Single and Double Hand Fly Line Weight Charts Fly Line Gram to Grain chart Fly Lines- Understanding Skagit and […]