Fly Tying- Roy Christie’s Reverse Parachute Fly

just like their creator Roy Christie, born on the wee ‘Putting back the rocks’ burn * , these very much ‘out of the box’ flies are an ingenious alternative to the more classical patterns. i’m still in awe with this hackling method. not only does it leave  a perfect ‘puffy’  and buggy imprint on the […]

Fly Tying- Herman’s Roy-style Reversed Parachute micro caddis

Herman as in deGala and Roy as in Christie ! i of course don’t mean any disrespect as i really like this video and Herman’s demeanour but ! apart from the bright green egg sack, to be honest, i can’t for the life of me see this fly as anything caddisy… but (again) ! lets have […]

Roy’s Flat Spent Mayfly Spinner

yet another lovely-lovely bug and step-by-step by Roy Christie “This is another cabin-fever fly, the result of sitting down with a notepad, drawing what we want the trout to see; then building it in a useable form. This and many of my other working flies come from this process. Concept flies may eventually become working reality. […]

Trout Fly Design: The Avon Special step by step

you may remember this little Avon Special beauty from a while back: one of Roy Christie’s signature upside-down, reversed mayfly emerger patterns. at the time we where treated to a lovely article based on this fly’s particular design and even though i still have a few that Roy had personally tied and offered me, what […]

Copper wire and hare’s mask pupa

just to go out a little bit on a limb here and maybe mostly as a way of expressing my growing overall mehness at the view of so-called ‘realistic’ flies, specially the recent trend of ‘kit flies’, where wings, backs, legs, heads and whatnot are factory made and just applied on a hook by sheepishly […]

the earliest flies ?

via The Eclectic Angler ” The earliest record of fly fishing in the known western literature is from Greece in the second century AD. Aelian’s “Natural History” described not only fishing with a fly but presented the first written fly pattern, translated here as “They fasten red (crimson red) wool around a hook, and fix […]

Fly tying step-bysteps: Harelug & Plover, Stewart-style

by Roy Christie via UKFlyDressing Origin of LUG Middle English luggen to pull by the hair or ear, drag, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian lugga to pull by the hair. “Tiny pinch of dark fur from root of hare’s ear” Plovers (/ˈplʌvər/ or /ˈploʊvər/) are a widely distributed group of wading birds belonging to the subfamily Charadriinae. “Golden plover hackle, long enough of fiber to reach almost […]

Fly Tying

Use this quick reference list to access how-to/tips and tricks fly tying reference articles previously posted on TLC. If you’re looking for specifics use the search bar at the bottom of any page. Enjoy ! A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial Thread Control Working with Marabou Why you should Always wear Glasses and Only use Barbless hooks How to sharpen […]

Trout Fly Design- The Easy Peasy USD

by Roy Christie we’d already seen one version of the Easy Peasy and it’s step-by-step and here’s the method behind the madness. indeed, i like repeating myself: this is pure brilliance and one of the better examples of well thought out fly design. it’s the combined result of observing bugs, fish, where they come from and […]

Trout Fly Design: The Avon Special

by Roy Christie just two words: simply genius…  enjoy ! When I was a youth in the late 1960’s experience with the trout on my home river had showed me that, when they were feeding on tiny midges in the surface film, they could be caught on a short dressed hare’s ear stuck on the film. […]

the EasyPeasy USD Mayfly

by Roy Christie “My EasyPeasyUSD is a ‘concept’ fly for presenting an effective light pattern to fish feeding on the adult insects and the Flat Spent Spinner for the tail end of the hatch. Tie it to match the colour of the hatch.” landing delicately, sitting low on the surface with a very ‘eat me’ […]

one fish, two fish, three fish, eight !

a Reversed-Parachute Midge Emerger the other day we had an article, step-by-step and tutorial video on Roy Christie’s fantabulous Reverse-Parachute emerger and while viewing it again the idea of incorporating Roy’s hackle and thorax design to an emerging midge abdomen lit up and this is what came out of it. this is a size 16 […]

Putting back the rocks.

by Roy Christie this piece has always been one of my favorite reads. it’s about not giving up, finding solutions, hard work and making a little part of the world a little better. and it’s not just about fishing. i contacted Roy years ago to ask him if i could translate this to french and […]

Getting it Out There

here’s a little article i wrote for my friend Andy Baird and his great blogs ‘On The Burn’ and ‘Small Fly Funk’ it’s a first of a series of articles about fishing the little streams. Getting it out There part 1- The Approach probably the biggest reason that holds back many fly anglers from fishing […]