the real problem with ‘wind’ knots.

‘wind knots‘, that’s the denialists‘ term for casting knots and no, they’re not just made by tailing loops or outrageous casting faults but today’s reminder isn’t about the causes of these knots however embarrassing or annoying they may be but of their consequence. in other words, these knots kink the mono and greatly reduce the […]

Wind Knot D’Ohs, Dos and Don’ts !

in Good Knots we’d seen how wind casting knots are a blessing in disguise but that’s just for the casting part. now, making tailing loops make us feel stupid, frustrated and all the well deserved ha-has from mates don’t help the situation however, and even though tailing loops don’t always result in casting knots, where […]

Spey Casting- More on the Snake Roll

by Eoin Fairgrieve we’d previously seen an introduction on this wonderful all-in-one change-of-direction cast with descriptions by its creator, Simon Gawesworth and beautifully demonstrated by Christopher Rownes and today’s treat compliments the previous instruction perfectly. always pleasantly explained with simple, concise wordings, Eoin’s as always spot on: it’s all good and well worth paying attention to […]

the perfect Jump Roll

performed by Christopher Rownes also known as a Switch cast and Dynamic roll by some, i prefer not to use those terms because of all the confusion they usually create. simply put, a Jump roll is the other form of roll cast. instead of dragging the line back on the water to create the D […]

Sinking Fly Line Techniques 101

constantly surprised to hear so many anglers consider sinking lines as ‘specialty’ items or even lines they’ve never used, this new video should be able to set things straight for the neophyte who wants to expand their fishing possibilities but, the well-seasoned sinker just might pick up a thing or two as well. once passed the rather awkward […]

Spey Casting- the Dry Fly Spey

we’d already seen this same cast from Christopher Rownes in ‘A spey cast for dry flies‘ in slomo and here’s another demonstration of this very useful cast by an unknown but fine caster on the Kupa river in Croatia and in real time as it’s nice to compare the two. of course, Chris’s video is […]

Basic SPEY & Two Handed Fly Rod Casting

by Jim Vincent with Simon Gawesworth a great blast from the not so far past thanks to Fresh Waters Journal. click the pic for the complete booklet in pdf form and maybe we can turn this into a little challenge for the astute and see if there have been any changes in explanations and descriptions […]

a spey cast for dry flies

ordinarily, spey casts are reserved for sinking flies and nymphs or big deer hair Bomber-style dries that don’t require being constantly dried before being cast out again. but what about your average trout-size dry fly ? wouldn’t it get drowned by being repeatedly dragged through the water during line repositioning and the subsequent anchoring before […]

Spey Casting- the Snake Roll

devised by Simon Gawesworth in the ’80’s as a quicker, all in one continual motion alternative to the Double-Spey, this one can be of use for any fly angler. not only fun and quick, it’s usefulness extends to any situation whether it be on large salmon rivers or teeny-tiny trout streams, a boat or lake or […]

Rio Spey Line Recommendations 2012

” A newcomer to spey casting would be forgiven for peeping into this sport, trying it out, or listen to the many different opinions out there, and then turning tail and running away from the mass of confusion. There is a mind boggling array of theories, techniques, tackle and styles, and it is very difficult […]