10 foot Spiders

in the UK the ‘traditional’ way to fish Spiders/North Country Wets/soft hackles is upstream or across stream and that’s how i like to fish them best. it doesn’t have anything to do with the tradition aspect because i couldn’t care less about tradition but because this manner presents the fly(s) in a dead drift/natural way […]

Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks- Weight shift/Attitude adjustment

Davy Wotton needs no introduction. for me, he’s one of those few people that when he speaks and shares his wisdom, i’m all ears because those words are the fruit of many, many years of experience and always lead to not only learning something new but also a new mental approach to that particular subject […]

Winged Nymphs for Dynamic Nymphing

some high-level fly design from Lucian Vasies any and every nymph fisher might (read should) take into consideration: it’s that good. “Winged Nymphs for Dynamic Nymphing could be considered a new frontier in fishing nymphs and a new way to tie flies. Some fly tiers consider them ugly. In terms of a classic construction and […]

Fly Tying- a Blae and Black/Black Pennell two-in-one wet fly

blae [bley, blee] Origin adjective, Scotland and North England 1. bluish-black; blue-gray. “Ye must be fair starving, Paul,” quoth she softly with her hand on my arm, and I daresay my face was blae with cold and chagrin. ‘The Shoes of Fortune’, Neil Munro now, what’s interesting in this fly’s name is that it doesn’t have any […]

Trout Fly Design- The Easy Peasy USD

by Roy Christie we’d already seen one version of the Easy Peasy and it’s step-by-step and here’s the method behind the madness. indeed, i like repeating myself: this is pure brilliance and one of the better examples of well thought out fly design. it’s the combined result of observing bugs, fish, where they come from and […]