10 foot Spiders

in the UK the ‘traditional’ way to fish Spiders/North Country Wets/soft hackles is upstream or across stream and that’s how i like to fish them best. it doesn’t have anything to do with the tradition aspect because i couldn’t care less about tradition but because this manner presents the fly(s) in a dead drift/natural way […]

How to Fish Emergers for Trout

the title says it all. filled with very excellent tips, this great fishing technique tutorial by Peter Charles warants no more additional comments on my part apart from the suggestion that this is an absolutely fantastic and very fun manner to fish traditional North Country Wets or Spiders or their contemprary counterparts and variants. continuing that […]

deep thoughts

Apex Predators, Lack of Teeth and Renormalized Rationality By backcountryfishnerd  and deep throat. yikes  ! “Humans like to believe that we are top tier predators. For most, it is true even without the use of weapons. For others, fearsome spiders and snakes reduce the ability to be any kind of predator at all.  It is just a […]

Pearsall’s problems ?

not all bobbins are created equal and that can be a little annoying when we want to use ‘out of the norm’ materials such as sexy Pearsall’s silks for tying say, traditional North Country Spiders or nylon or other cool looking threads found at a sewing shop. here’s a few examples of different bobbin sizes […]

Grouse and Gold and coincidences and a secret.

  something i’ve noticed over the last year or so is, if i haven’t tied any flies for a while (in this case it’s been almost two weeks !), unless there’s an absolute need for a specific pattern, usually the first style of flies that comes to mind and brings back the desire to sit […]


is yet another take on the North Country Spider style of wet flies. this one will have the job of imitating a chironomid. i’ll see if it’s a good actor soon. made with: love hook- Kamazan #18 barbless Maggot (yes, maggot… ) thread- Veevus 14/0 black abdomen- peacock eye quill died red thorax- Hends Spectra […]

the Italian job.

by Lucian Vasies what a quirky name for such a cool fly ! devised for inciting winter grayling in the crystal-clear waters of Eastern Europe, this simple yet ingenious generic pattern is bound to be a real success anywhere, particularly on calmer waters, tricky flat sections of rivers and lakes. i love the one-turn hen […]

Stewart’s Black Spider

by Niklas Dahlin we’d already seen a bit of the history of the North Country Spider patterns, including a video of Davie McPhail tying Stewart’s Black Spider and today i thought i’d share a step-by-step tied in Stewart’s manner by one of the best in traditional flies, my great friend Niklas Dahlin from Sweden. this […]

North Country Wets

by Ben Spinks as i’ve been recently researching and learning about and tying a lot of flies inspired by the North Country Wets or Spiders style and getting quite a few comments and questions by pm in the process, i thought i’d share this inspiring article that has a lot to say about these minimalistic […]

the Reverse Hackling technique

by Hans Weilenmann i originally learned this technique of hackling flies from several Oliver Edwards fly tying video where he uses it mostly for North Country Spiders but Han’s brilliant demonstration here shows us the finer points to consider when doing this, whether it be for dries or hackled wets. there are several aspects that […]

Putting back the rocks.

by Roy Christie this piece has always been one of my favorite reads. it’s about not giving up, finding solutions, hard work and making a little part of the world a little better. and it’s not just about fishing. i contacted Roy years ago to ask him if i could translate this to french and […]

Daddy Long-Legging ?

one of the most interesting videos i’ve seen on this subject ! the protagonist raises some interesting questions on entomological nomenclature and maybe the foremost; what could we call this long legged creature ? why not Sally Six Eyes ? or CupCake Spider ? or Play Dead While I Photograph You ! or Some Weird […]

The Practical Angler (more on WC Stewart)

after last week’s post on Stewart’s ideas of North Country Spiders, i did a little research and found this little gem: 212 pages in a free pdf format of a 1907 version of Stewart’s seminal treatise The Practical Angler. what a treat to be able to compare old and new ideas and concepts, what’s held on through […]

Stewart’s favourite colour appears to have been black.

 Stewart’s Spider a few musings on North Country Spiders by W.C. Stewart “Stewart’s favourite colour appears to have been black, his argument being that, in water, a fly between the fish and the light above is in silhouette, therefore colours are indistinctive, his opinion being that the movement of the hackle (legs) of the fly […]