The Essential Midge – Fly Talk Special by Mick Hall

continuing with ‘Midge-Madness’ week, today’s special treat comes to us from Down-Under and world renowned fly tier Mick Hall. i had the wonderful opportunity and honor to meet Mick in 2011 at a fly fair in Stockholm where he was one of the featured tiers. a truly kind and generous man, taking the time to […]

Distance Fly Casting: Two very different styles

with very similar results. here’s Fredrik Hedman and Stefan Siikavaara, both cool guys, Swedish and two of the better fly distance competitors in the world. as you can see, there’s a heck of a lot of training and thought behind each one’s style. that night Stefan topped at 35,6m  (124+ ft) in the very muggy […]

Peeping Stick Caddis

by Mick Hall via Mustad ” Caddis larva come in two forms, those that build portable homes (Stick Caddis) and free living.  All caddis larva have a hardened section near and including the head, whilst the bodies are soft and range in colour from off white through to a dirty yellow and some have green […]

“be One with the bug”

and the bug will be One with you… i’m not certain, but in the foreground it seems to be a Bibio Marci or Hawthorn fly. however, in the background  i can certify that it’s Thomas Berggren from last tuesday’s casting and fishing course at Thomas’s fishery Lilla Malma, an hour’s drive southwest of Stockholm. Thomas […]

brainwashem’ young- Joel

sixteen years old and already a regular at the the big fairs in Sweden, Joel Björn’s enthusiasm, curiosity and tying excellence all means we’ll be hearing a lot more about this young man in the future and i’m certainly looking forward to that. here’s a little suspended chiro parasol emerger he tied at the Stockholm […]

Bug-Bond to the rescue !

special Bug-Bond therapy moment at the Stockholm fair last week-end ! Ulf Hagström rescued this poor (“Here look ! I painted them myself, really !… ) woman’s broken nail with BB Original ! the hubby applies a few drops… a few seconds later Ulf blasts her with the Pro-Torch ! miracle ! no more crying and […]

eleven fantastic fly tiers,

and eleven friends. here’s the tying crew from last week-end’s fly fair in Stockholm. it was quite an honor to be surrounded by such talent.  i’ve learned so much ! thanks to all, specially Jussi Sjölund of Mountain Media who organized the tiers section and made sure we had an all-around  great time over the four days. […]

brainwashem’ young- Emma

15 years old and already a regular fly tier in all the Swedish fairs, very talented Emma Lindgren’s turning into (well, already is… ) a wonderful representative of our activity and and a great inspiration for kids everywhere. i’m looking forward to seeing her again in the coming shows in Stockholm this month. 😀 Related […]

the ‘Proctologist’s Indispensable’

“Anyway, You know I like to fish with a condom strapped to a hook, well around a year or so ago I came across a fly from my good mate Marc Fauvet who writes the popular “The Limp Cobra” blog who had a novel idea for a pike fly by strapping on doctors rubber glove to a […]

2011’s first fish

was going through older pics and found this year’s first fish, a beautiful Baltic Sea, 80 cm pike caught in the Stockholm Archipelago on a 25 cm brown Flashabou Sparkler-Thing, Sage TCX 890 and Rio Indicator line. after an exceptionally long and harsh winter (read completely unfishable because all waters where frozen over) this felt really […]

soggy fish

was ‘fished’ at the Stockholm Museum of Natural History EDIT: my friend Jeroen pointed out that this thing’s name is: John Dory or ‘Peter’s Fish’ “The John Dory usually gets its food by stalking it then shooting out a tube in its mouth to capture its prey.”   pretty cool ! here’s what they normally look like […]

creating a ‘hatch’ the other day we where invited to visit a fish farm that stocks many private fishing still-waters and rivers (put and takes) in the Stockholm area. an amusing part which i guess is a standard to all visitors is the throwing of pellets and the ensuing feeding frenzy as they try to gobble as […]