Isonychia Emerger from Matt Grobert  via Tightline Productions Isonychia… cool name. torn somewhere between the desire to go fish these critters in their home waters and lavishly repeating that word in some lovely redhead’s ear, i guess for today we’ll (well, i’ll… ) have to just enjoy this creature and tying video from afar. Primarily an […]

Catskill style flies- the Red Quill

by Tightline Productions tied by Matt Grobert Art Flick’s old standard just doesn’t get old. it’s elegant, as effective as ever, straightforward to tie (just be sure to get the proportions right !), comprised solely of feathers and as an interesting-quirky feature, was devised to represent the Ephemerella subvaria (Hendrickson) male. the TroutNut link tells us: […]

foam candy

in yet another great tying tutorial by Tim Flagler at Tightline Productions, here’s a simple, quick, inexpensive, visible, great silhouetted and very adaptable to suit your needs by varying colors and sizes grasshopper imitation: an all-gooder for sure. personal note: i know they are very effective and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Tim’s super bug […]

“Elephants eat Peanuts” (and bubble-butt caddis emergers)

by Tim Flagler at TightLine Productions via MidCurrent despite the what-i-believe controversy brought up by entomologists that caddis nymphs don’t actually create bubbles to reach the water surface and therefore turning LaFontaine’s theory into just another fly tying bubble of hot air… there’s no doubt whatsoever that LF’s famous fly works well but it’s safe […]

how to tie a Woolly Bugger

by  Tim Flagler at Tightline Productions as Tim points out at the beginning of the video, the Bugger needs no introduction. unless you’re one of those Halfordian weirdos… simply put, this is a pattern every fly angler should have. it’s often referred to by countless fishers as the absolutely most productive fly. ’nuff said. below is […]

no Muddling around here, buddy.

in one of (if not THE) best-ever tying tutorial i’ve had the pleasure of observing, here’s a brilliant gem on a classic fly from Tightline Productions as Tim Flagler mentions at the beginning of the video, tying a Muddler Minnow can seem a bit daunting and complex which unfortunately puts off a lot of people […]

Light Cahill’s extended body

a Matt Grobert fly via Tightline Productions of particular interest, this video shows us a nice, simple and nifty way to create an extended-body generic mayfly pattern. i’ve seen this style many times before and i don’t know if Matt is the creator of this method but this tutorial indeed demonstrates this technique best. as […]

Andy & Al’s Trico

in a world where seemingly having everything in XXXL makes one the top-dog, sometimes it pays off to have the smallest one around ! “A cult following is something to which few insects can lay claim, but the tinyTricorythodes mayflies certainly qualify. Their widespread, reliable, heavy hatches draw impressive rises of ultra-selective trout which demand the most […]

Sulfur Emerging with Matt

by Matt Grobert  via Tightline Productions Dorothea, oh Dorothea ! (or otherwise, Pale Evening Dun (but in this case it’s not really a Dun so let’s stick to plain old Dorothy)) watch out folks, she’s a redhead and she means business ! ” These insects are actually too perfect for dry fly fishing, which makes matching their […]

Le Pouic !

from Tightline Productions pronounced: Pweeek in french or in this case, Pine Squirrel Streamer in mid-western. anyway, whatever you call it means fish. lots of fish. i have no idea who originally came up with the pattern but that person deserves a monument  just like the person who invented the bed does ! having come […]

a Multi-Feather Flatwing

tied by Joe Cordeiro, courtesy of Tightline Productions there’s an enormous amount of well thought out and well explained details on the making of this type of fly here, something for all of us to take back to the bench whether we tie these bigguns or not. “And there you go. One beautiful and extremely effective […]

Matt’s Gnat

i can’t get enough of the wonderful Duff erm… stuff over at Tightline Productions ! this time we’re treated with Matt  Grobert’s awesome alternative to the already awesome must-have, all time favorite fish catcher: the Griffith’s Gnat. we’ve already seen Andreas Lestander’s great version, here’s another with a twist that looks just as promising.

Cloudy Emerging

by Tightline Productions nice, nice, nice and nice ! a cloud, a wisp, a veil or two. shape, silhouette, ‘hanging position’, it’s all there. all the key emerger elements all wrapped up in this very tasty little Cloud Emerger bug from Matt Grobert. be sure to pay particular attention to the ‘tent wing-case’s construction. what […]

Sucker Spawn

by Tightline Productions quite interesting because it doesn’t really look like anything at all until it’s wet and passing in front of an egg-eating frenzied trout, this is one of those love it or leave it flies. i neither love it or hate it but wouldn’t hesitate to use it in the right circumstances. ‘matching […]

creepers creeping and a few fins

from Tightline Productions it’s such a treat to see all these bugs up close and under water. i was going to start off with my usual: ‘check out the details and behaviour, it’ll help us make better flies and fish them better’ but then, they’re so weird and cool, why not just enjoy them for […]


well, they’re small enough to be really hard to see and easily trip over… anyway, whatever they are, there’s more and more of them in a lot of trout waters around the globe as the typical caddis, mayflies and stoneflies are having a hard time with mankind and what we’re doing to the aquatic systems. […]

aquatic insects struttin’ their stuff- continued thoughts on fly design

more than just being able to enjoy watching these critters in their watery world, this video shows us some interesting aspects of the naturals that might be beneficial to keep in mind when recreating them at the bench. while a lot of artificial nymph bodies are rigid, we’ll notice that the naturals bend quite a […]

WD-40 fly

nice and nifty, simple and sweet. here’s a really easy to tie, wee nymph from Tightline Productions. imitating either a baetis or midge, as noted, it’s a good fly to have on a dropper below a dry, a set up that’s pretty standard for me even when fish are steadily rising. the trailing nymph is […]

Micro Pheasant Tail Nymph

by Tim Flagler – TightLines Productions the PT nymph needs no special mention. always have an assortment when fishing for insect-eating fishes or miss out on a lot of hooking-up opportunities so, apart from the must-have, today’s find goes from spot-on tying tips, has a short intermezzo of Tim playing with a soft and sticky […]

Forget-Me-Knot Midge

from Tightlines Productions nice, buggy, adaptable, most definitely out the box design, basically indestructible and super-easy to tie. those are a lot of good points for a fly i’d say. enjoy !

CDC and Elk Caddis

yup, another great tying video by Tightlines Productions with a wonderful classic fly designed by Hans Weilenmann. i know it’s a little weird to say things like this, but if there was to be only one top of the water caddis imitation in my box this would be the one. the silhouette, trigger points, floatation […]

wednesday’s wiggles !

starring: Chimarra caddis larva Rhyacophila caddis larva Hendrickson – Ephemerella subvaria Cased caddis – Brachycentrus? Quill Gordon – Epeorus Plueralis Light Hendrickson – Ephemerella invaria Brown stoner Little brown stonefly/Willowfly via Tightlines Productions

Let The Fur Fly Be !

from Tightline productions a strong extended body with a flat silhouette and so easy to make. what a nice and nifty idea that’s sure to inspire more than a few of us. i’m waiting on some Bug-Bond UV cured resin to come in to try this out. i’ve got a few ideas of my own on a […]