The Wariness Scale – part 2

” I am Aware of the air beneath me” as promised, here’s the follow-up to part 1  by Carlos Azpilicueta, this time in it’s entirety. The Wariness Scale (2nd part) In the first part of this theory, we saw trout wariness levels 0 and 1. This second part analyses levels 2 and 3 and a […]

The Wariness Scale – part 1

by Carlos Azpilicueta one of the more interesting fish-behaviour concepts i’ve ever come across, an ever-present approach i’ve adopted no matter what species or water-type fished. this goes a lot further than the simplistic and typical “Pattern vs Presentation” that most authors have re-hashed over centuries. something the dedicated angler should most definitely consider to […]

understanding Water Surface Tension

we often read or hear about the water’s surface tension and how it affects fly-leader-fly line floating/sinking abilities and also how aquatic insects can have a hard time breaking through it on their way to the surface and other insects can use it to literally walk on water. often described as some sticky, gluey thing that’s […]

as extreme examples:

” on the stream where i lived i repeatedly observed wild brown trout not only being put down but altogether disappearing for four days because i discreetly threw 5 or 6 wood grubs in the pool for them to eat. and then walking through a school of grayling, catching several, walking through the school again […]