Fly Tying- Wet and All Purpose

half-full Clark/Cheech says its a “hybrid of a hybrid” and this half-empty guy says its a “variant of a variant” but ! this isn’t a personality contest, its a friggin’ awesome fly. why ? the intangible explanation says this thing has fish-magnet written all over it and a maybe more reasonable reason is this pattern kinda looks […]

Fly Tying- a Blae and Black/Black Pennell two-in-one wet fly

blae [bley, blee] Origin adjective, Scotland and North England 1. bluish-black; blue-gray. “Ye must be fair starving, Paul,” quoth she softly with her hand on my arm, and I daresay my face was blae with cold and chagrin. ‘The Shoes of Fortune’, Neil Munro now, what’s interesting in this fly’s name is that it doesn’t have any […]

just in time- the Octobre Cinnamon Caddis Wet

another great tying tutorial from Tim Flagler at Tightlinevideo these little beauties are all about these days and apart from admiring their cuteness, as trout fishers one of the better things we can do is try to use that cuteness to try to entice some fish before winter sets in. Tim’s video shows how to construct a […]

simple nymph and wet-fly fishing

pretty much based on the use of a Tenkara-style rod*, regardless of what kind of rod you’re fishing, if we disregard the silly stuff like “let the wind load the line” and the rather mindless “constant tension cast” concept, there’s several very-very good drift techniques in these videos well worth adding to your bag of […]

Winged Wets- Two contrasted versions

both classics, both at the extremes of fly profile volume yet both equally effective. to start off, a lovely paired waterhen winged Iron Blue Dun from Davie McPhail for when the fishes want something big(ish). and a beautiful and very sparse Clyde-style Teal and Black from Peter McCallum via Magnus Angus / Fly Fishing and Fly Tying for […]

Gorgeously Wet

as noted before, i don’t like the finality aspect of the term ‘perfection’ but these three fresh and very stunning wet flies recently shared by Hans Weilenmann might just be the next best thing to it in the fly tying world. Diamonds & Rust Grouse & Quill Krystal Palmer be sure to visit Hans’ FlyTier’s […]

wet spectrum

by Daniel Lopez i’ve been getting reports from here and there around the world from friends who are either going through the winter blues or their area is hidden by clouds. here’s a little sunshine for ya ! be sure to click the image to access Daniel’s site for a lot more sunshiny eye candy. […]

North Country Wets

by Ben Spinks as i’ve been recently researching and learning about and tying a lot of flies inspired by the North Country Wets or Spiders style and getting quite a few comments and questions by pm in the process, i thought i’d share this inspiring article that has a lot to say about these minimalistic […]

‘roll-over wet

designed to stay as close as possible to the surface film during the drift by using a light wired hook, a prickly herl for the body and some hare dubbing as the head (to catch water and slow its descent), if needed, in faster waters those two elements can get some floatant with a little […]

a wet history

by Davie Wotton here’s some absolutely wonderful insights, invaluable material information and groovy historical aspects for all those desiring to increase their knowledge of both traditional and contemporary wet flies by probably the most knowledgeable and talented person in the fly tying world. ’nuff said, enjoy !

wet sunday

made with: love Hayabusa ‘Bent Nymph’ H.Fly 383 no. 10 Veevus thread 16/0 brown tail- Whiting Pardo medium fibers splayed out fan-style body- a groovy knitting yarn found on some open-air market somewhere in France hackle- the fluffy-fuzzy stuff at the base of the Pardo feather wound in a dubbing loop the body’s a little […]

Traditional wet fly fishing techniques

with Oliver Edwards not being of any traditionalist’s tendencies, what interests me most in wet fly fishing is more the style of fishing rather than the actual flies used as this method works equally well with unweighted nymphs or drowned dries (yup, put sinkant, mud or spit on it and it slowly sinks just where […]

“upstream wetfly kicks arse over downstream wetfly any day”

Upstream Wetfly by Paul Arden “Another thing to try doing is to watch the water where you think your flies are swimming. Since we are using light spider patterns, on a short line, in fairly fast water, the fish hopefully will have to bulge the surface on the take. With big fish you may actually have to delay […]

“Hocus Pocus”

a very dark day needs some light to balance it out. this article cum memoir kindly sent in by Mark Surtees gleams with childhood fears that turn to admiration, magic, the realisation and appreciation that fly fishing is a lot more than just catching fish and most importantly, at least in my eyes, how we as […]

Fly Tying- Jasper’s Carrot

if we take a quick look at the fly below we’ll see a really nice looking pattern but we also might think ‘nice but old hat’. now, if we take a look at the video and pay close attention to how it was made we’ll notice two super-duper easy-peasy tricks to get it just right and […]

Fly Tying: A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial

DEAR READERS, due to Photobucket’s recent online-photo sharing policie change (read blackmail), every single of the 204 images accompanying this article have been hidden from public view… i will do my best to try to get those images back from author Dennis Shaw and restore them to the article. in the meantime, and even though […]